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Sara Rossel
Founder & CEO of RapiFast

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“RapiFast | Prevention + Innovation”

For Sara Rossel, Founder & CEO of RapiFast, her Argentine roots have taught her a lot in her life, from trial and tribulations to success. Having been born in a country without economic stability and an uncertain future, along with her experience working in numerous different international markets, are today the key to Sara’s unconventional view when it comes to developing businesses, recognizing needs, and designing services based on innovation and prevention.

"Launched in 2018, RapiFast is a startup focused on Rapid Lab Solutions. With the challenge of the pandemic, we tapped into our biggest resource: our innate creativity."

Sara never stops observing and creating. “I always ask, knock doors, build networks, and participate in events to learn from my peers’ stories, experiences, doubts, fears, whether I can relate to them or not,” explains Sara. “I search for certifications such as WBENC that promote diversity in business, and above anything else, I believe in myself. I want to thank each person and business that has entrusted us the care of their loved ones, crew and work teams. For us, their support means a lot and compels us to keep growing.”

According to Sara, today, we find ourselves in a great challenge at the global, financial, and personal levels. “I am convinced that we always learn when we leave our comfort zone, put ourselves to the test, and, why not, feel fear. We fear the unknown and there is where our strength is born: when we overcome our fear,” she states. “Today, I find myself in that level, having overcome fear, with the certainty that we are doing an excellent job and confident in the direction we are headed to with RapiFast®.” For Sara, there have been numerous people in her life who have influenced and inspired her to be the well-defined leader she is today. “I don’t like to think in the past tense, I am curious and young!!! I still have a lot to learn. I am very grateful for the today, I moved to the US in 2015, I founded RapiFast® in 2018 (without a penny), and today it’s a registered trademark and synonym of trust.”

RapiFast was born out of the premise of PREVENTION + INNOVATION. Having had the immense opportunity to travel globally, Sara realized that rapid testing devices are needed in first aid, accidents, point of care, border zones, armed services, health campaigns, and more. Besides, there is a huge need to offer a personalized prevention service accessible, effective, and fast. “The pandemic surprised us, and it was a moment to take action, so we launched our mobile testing service,” says Sara.

All RapiFast® products are certified internationally by the FDA and CE. The company is certified by the Georgia State Department of General Services as the state’s vendor of COVID-19 Test Kit and safety supplies. “First, we need to align ourselves with CDC norms, then we must work responsibly and professionally to develop a measure for each sector, facilitate reopening, work in team, and adapting to all the new normal,” explains Sara. “We understand the seriousness of the situation and we don’t take advantage from it. Our clients can attest that we are ready 24/7 to assist them.” Belonging to WBENC, the largest certified businesses owned and operated by women in the USA, is a pledge in RapiFast® services. For that reason, RapiFast® focuses on providing excellent customer service and developing practical and innovative solutions with RapiFast® common goal: Prevention.

For the days to come, Sara and her team are working towards making more innovative solutions. “Today we are aiding the reopening process of the film industry and many of our clients operate in LA, for that reason, we are in the stage of expansion. We are a young enterprise, and we prefer to take small but firm steps,” says Sara.IE




Sara Rossel
Founder & CEO


RapiFast® sells quick response Medical Device Kits. With over 7 years of experience in the healthcare industry, RapiFast® focuses on Prevention + Innovation via the latest technology.All RapiFast® products are FDA approved and the company is certified by the Georgia State Department of General Services as the state’s vendor of COVID-19 Test Kit and safety supplies.

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