Barbara Read Chief Revenue Officer of Adprime Inc, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Barbara Read
Chief Revenue Officer of Adprime Inc

Barbara Read Chief Revenue Officer of Adprime Inc, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021

“Delivering High-quality, Cost-efficient Solutions ”

Barbara Read, Chief Revenue Officer, Adprime, Inc., lives and breathes collaboration in creating a workplace culture. According to her, the culture is the foundation upon which great companies are built, and the design and creative force start with the team’s input. Barbara raised four children during her expansive career when families and children were not discussed in the workplace by women. “An effective way to inspire women is with flexibility and work-life balance with heart and integrity and to nourish an open mind,” she says. “Develop strong listening skills to enable better time management and encourage both collaboration and independence.”

For Barbara, the women in media, politics, and communication have inspired her immensely, including Madam Speaker Pelosi, Andre Mitchell, Jane Pauley, and Ariana Huffington. “Ariana Huffington has inspired me as both a leader in a company as well as a working mother. She launched Thrive Global, her new enterprise in 2016 which offers science-based solutions to end stress and burnout,” elucidates Barbara. “Women leaders often find they are responsible for simultaneously caring for aging parents, raising children and leading a company which can exacerbate stress.” With these principles, she has been leading the company to great heights.

Adprime was founded in 2006 to deliver digital publishers with an advertising sales platform solution for pharmaceutical and healthcare brands. “All companies in digital media technology wrestle with the speed of growth and innovation and are constantly morphing. With the advancement of automated media buying our team built one of the most powerful solutions for healthcare advertising agencies and their clients,” she says. “The United States is uniquely positioned to enable direct to consumer messaging for pharmaceutical advertising and all of the resources, intelligence, and experience is here in the U.S. As we advance targeting technologies and the ability to help brands reach their patients, consumers and healthcare professionals, we can provide a more meaningful and sustainable relationship.”

Adprime Apex, the company’s proven DSP, reaches consumers and patients in the most cost-efficient way to deliver the highest quality. Adprime built this DSP to provide the highest quality audiences with access to auctions for pharmaceutical brands, hospitals, and medical devices. Efficiency is an important equation for advertising agencies to provide the best service to their clients, and Apex delivers that value. Targeting and reaching healthcare professionals in today’s digital market poses a multitude of challenges for agency partners. Adprime partnered with a brand treating five diseases across rheumatology and dermatology to communicate important efficacy to the healthcare professional. This ad campaign included benchmarks and metrics for reaching physicians who prescribe medication and treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, plaque adult and pediatric psoriasis, ankylosing spondylitis, and psoriatic arthritis. “The first-year investment concluded with a 5:1 return on investment and year two and three revenue investment increased by 100 percent, and prescriptions treating patients increased by 48%,” says Barbara.

For 15 years, Adprime has provided managed service healthcare advertising targeting and technology to reach consumers and healthcare professionals. In 2020 Adprime built a dedicated healthcare demand-side platform to enable programmatic buyers to access these audiences with accuracy and efficiency and enabling a higher percentage of available auctions and inventory. This year Apex is officially proven and launched and made available to programmatic buyers for all of healthcare. The audience-shaping technology enables pharmaceutical brands, hospitals, and medical devices to reach their target market with optimum efficiencies and automation. Adprime continues to be devoted to serving all constituencies across managed service advertising campaigns, direct client relationships, programmatic advertising, and healthcare data targeting. Apex is integrated with well over 50 advertising Exchanges and continues to expand across Exchanges and publishing partners.

COVID-19 challenged hospital marketing initiatives, and many programs migrated to programmatic buying strategies, and Apex is available to these buyers with far greater efficiency than any other platform.

“Adprime and our partners are creating an independent, people-based and cookieless infrastructure that unifies the highly fragmented programmatic ecosystem to provide marketers with the scale needed outside of the walled gardens,” adds Barbara. IE


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Barbara Read
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