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A Guide To Valuing Equity In SaaS Sales Compensation
By Kerry Bowden, Global Content & Analytics Recruitment Director, Adaptive Business Group

Commissions and bonuses aren’t the only way sales people earn serious money in the software industry - with so many new market entrants launching in the SaaS space, many companies offer some form of equity as a way to attract top talent.

Self-Driving and Autonomous Cars - Why We Should Be Concerned
By Avani Desai – EVP, Schellman & Company and Adam Losey – Partner, Losey PLLC

You’ll probably have heard about a recent high profile crash during the testing of the Tesla Model S autonomous car. During the crash, which occurred in July 2016, the car allegedly was unable to distinguish between a high-back white truck and the sky.

Lifting the hood on Trade Finance
By yvonne zhang, CEO & founder, Aquifer Institute.

I wrote this paper as an internal knowledge sharing document last year to help those members of the Aquifer family without finance/commodity backgrounds understand the WHY behind the WHAT and HOW of our cause.

AI Continues to Revolutionize Healthcare
By Shelly DeMotte Kramer, Principal Analyst,Founding Partner, Futurum

A recent report from Silicon Valley Bank put numbers to what a glance around the industry would have clearly revealed: Investments in healthcare companies leveraging AI and machine learning are hot, hot, hot.

Telehealth to Gain Stride in the Remote Healthcare Space: Top Three Trends to Watch For
By Deepu Bhat,Content Writer & Editor,Fortune Business Insights

Technology is evolving rapidly across all sectors. In the healthcare industry, technology has made a huge impact with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics among others.

DevOps, Big Data, and Social Media
By Kan Tang, Worldwide CTO - HPE Software Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

People today have already stopped talking about DevOps and are now doing DevOps. We have seen a growing number of our customers implementing Enterprise Agility and DevOps practice.

How Blockchain Can Solve Real Problems in Healthcare
Tamara StClaire, Digital Health Advisor, BaseHealth

If you follow technology in healthcare, you have likely heard of blockchain. But even if you are aware of the platform, it may not have truly hit your radar as possibly having near term impact.

By Victoria Lonker
Maintaining a network that is elastic and flexible enough to handle the high traffic demands driven by cloud adoption is critical if businesses are to make the most out of their cloud investments.

The Most Critical Gap in Cybersecurity Today
By Tammy Moskites, CIO & CISO, Venafi

You only have to look at recent headlines to confirm that cybersecurity is a critical concern that touches every industry and every individual, and threats are only continuing to increase

Adapt Fast, Adapt First
By Joanne Moretti, SVP and CMO, Jabil

In a rapidly changing world, it falls to those that provide design, manufacturing and supply chain services to adapt first, to be ready to empower the brands that will change the world to adapt fast.

My first 90 days with HubSpot's Marketing Automation Platform
By Angela Goodridge Group Marketing Manager, Eclipx Group

Modern marketers are fast learning that a marketing automation platform is a must have tool to survive,

Marketing with AI: the next leap into the future
By Tamara McCleary, CEO

I work with millennials. Call them what you will, but in my experience, the millennials I work with are some of the most brave, creative and intelligent people I know.

From The Tech Trenches
By Suja Chandrasekaran, CIO, Kimberly-Clark

I recently sat down with an Indian magazine that wanted to interview me - some excerpts from the conversation shared in a Q&A mode. It spans a broad set of topics such as communication in business, digital disruption, women in tech development.

Here's How Textile Innovations Impact the Supply Chain
By Megan R. Nichols, Freelance Technical Writer

The textiles industry is one of the oldest in the world, with some research indicating it could even date back as far as the Paleolithic era.

The Convergence of IoT, Software, Big data, Analytics, and The Growth of Renewables, is Revolutionizing Today’s Energy System
By Philippine de T'Serclaes Head of Thought Leadership, Strategic Partnerships / Advisor to Chairman,CEO


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