Brenda Lovcik, VP Finance, Global FP&A and Integrated Business Planning at Medtronic, Most Inspiring Finance Leaders of 2021 Profile

Brenda Lovcik
VP Finance, Global FP&A and Integrated Business Planning at Medtronic

Brenda Lovcik, VP Finance, Global FP&A and Integrated Business Planning at Medtronic, Most Inspiring Finance Leaders of 2021

“Taking Transformation Results to The Next Level”

Brenda Lovcik is a trusted senior executive with a bold vision for the future! She is a valued partner to executive leadership and has a strong track record of driving transformational results over her 19 years at Medtronic. From controllership to international operations to business finance, she is known for delivering measurable results by leading with a strategic vision, getting to the root of the issue, driving collaboration, and achieving alignment across diverse stakeholders.

In her current role, Brenda is taking transformation to the highest level. Brenda is responsible for developing next-generation capability for Strategic Finance and championing key cross-functional initiatives expected to drive $500M+ in business impact (improved market share, increased free cash flow, and revenue).

A leader must have expertise and be authentic, relatable, and accessible to inspire women entrepreneurs. A leader must have a passion for inclusion and equity and be willing to champion other women leaders. Brenda exemplifies all these characteristics and more. She is an expert in her field and continually reinvents herself and her team. Brenda recognized the need to create standards and governance around Medtronic’s business processes and was fearless in taking on the challenge of enterprise-wide IBP to drive effectiveness across the organization and serve patients and customers better.

Brenda is an authentic leader, rewards teams appropriately, and provides critical feedback when necessary. She does all this, while being relatable through her honest, transparent, and human interactions. Brenda shows up to work WITH her team and colleagues and delivers excellence in everything she does. She is a champion for diversity and inclusion. She is relentless in her drive for gender equity, helping women at Medtronic see their potential. A strong proponent of women empowerment and equal participation in male-dominated functions, she has mentored and sponsored countless women across the globe to advance their careers and drive work-life integration.

Throughout her career, Brenda has had the good fortune to work with several inspiring mentors and role models who have encouraged her to be her authentic self and think big. One significant influence early in her career was Bob Ryan, former SVP/CFO of Medtronic. He nurtured in her a strong passion for developing talent, encouraging people to think big, be bold and not settle. He also encouraged her to gain diverse experiences and make the most of every opportunity… “make the job what you want it to be and deliver value in everything you do.”

In her childhood, the person who had the greatest impact on Brenda was her Grandmother, Anna Honer. “She had grit, she was tenacious, and she loved unconditionally.” It is important for Brenda to emulate her patience, empathy, understanding, the importance of family and faith, and value of true sacrifice. Armed with these qualities, Brenda is taking the company to new heights.

Medtronic, was born like many of their devices have been born – when an engineer and a physician got together to solve a problem and improve patient outcomes. The world's largest medical technology company today, it was founded in a garage in 1949 as a medical equipment repair shop by Earl Bakken and his brother-in-law, Palmer Hermundslie. Their deep moral purpose and inner drive to use scientific knowledge, engineering, and entrepreneurial skills to help others evolved into the Medtronic Mission. A key tenet of the mission, and one that drives Medtronic’s strategy and execution, is to ‘contribute to human welfare by applying biomedical engineering in the research, design, manufacture, and sale of instruments or appliances that alleviate pain, restore health and extend life’.

Their first life-changing therapy — a wearable, battery-powered cardiac pacemaker — was the foundation for many Medtronic therapies that use their MedTech expertise to improve the lives of millions of people. Over the last 60+ years, Medtronic has developed numerous technologies, including implantable mechanical devices, drug and biologic delivery systems, powered and advanced energy surgical instruments. Today, their technologies are used to treat nearly 70 medical conditions. IEWL




Brenda Lovcik
VP Finance, Global FP&A and Integrated Business Planning at Medtronic


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