Carmen Robinson Vice President of Qmerit, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Carmen Robinson
Vice President of Qmerit

Carmen Robinson Vice President of Qmerit, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021

“Recognizing Unique Strengths and Opportunities”

Carmen Robinson, Qmerit’s Vice President of Client Success, is the driving force behind Qmerit’s strategic client partnerships and program implementation. Her goal of producing raving fans ripples through her team’s commitment to delivering white-glove service throughout the entire customer experience, which has produced a consistent 9.2 customer satisfaction rating.

Qmerit has been on a steep climb to scale operationally in anticipation of the growth and expansion of the electrification market. With little time to ramp up, Carmen has had to evaluate and activate strategic plans in three primary areas: people, processes, and technology. The most effective way she has grown a highly motivated, highly productive team has been through empathetic leadership, by listening carefully, assessing each individual’s core strengths and opportunities, and engaging deeply in relationship building. “Leading well and delivering excellent results requires me to assess how each individual’s performance raises the bar for the whole team,” says Carmen. “I’ve considered carefully how to strip down redundant processes and look for new innovative ways to deliver results and ensure each team member is given the opportunity to contribute to both ideation and problem-solving.”

“Across North America, our turnkey installation and integration solutions are simplifying the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) and other green energy transition technologies. And while the electrification movement is relatively young, our team’s legacy in advancing energy efficiency goes back 25 years. During that time, our leaders have worked together to perfect the processes and technology platform at the core of Qmerit,” says Carmen.

Qmerit is the electrification expert leading the way to a more resilient, sustainable future. Qmerit provides turnkey solutions to consumers and businesses to shift to electric vehicles and other new electric technologies. The Qmerit digital services platform guides customers through every step in their electrification journey—making EV charging and other sustainability solutions easy to install, integrate, and maintain. “Our proprietary technology is purpose-built to make it simple for our B2B customers, their clients and our network of certified electricians to have a seamless installation experience. Qmerit solves the myriad elements involved in satisfying multiple constituents who are all attached to the same customer journey,” adds Carmen. “Qmerit’s network of installers are certified for responsiveness, transparency, compliance, quality and pricing.”

Qmerit has become a trusted partner to leaders in every aspect of EV charging and other electrification solutions. Premier auto brands and EV charger manufacturers rely on Qmerit to provide their customers with high quality co-branded turnkey charging installation services.

Through her work at Qmerit, Carmen has been able to look back on inspiration from several key women in her life that have guided her to becoming the great leader she is today. Through their engagement, the lessons she has learned are what she uses to continue to inspire today’s young emerging leaders, beginning with her two daughters. “A line I have always said to them is “if it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing,” says Carmen. “When you love what you do and love who you are doing it with, the work you invest your time in should be fun,” she adds. There is nothing that inspires creativity, a passion for excellence, and a drive to succeed more than linking arms with others who share common core values, align with similar passions and purpose, and advocate for one’s success.

“With young women I have mentored through my non-profit experiences, I have been cognizant of leading by example in setting the bar high and striving for excellence, and not without the grace to recognize I am going to make mistakes, but with the tenacity to learn from those mistakes and excel because of them,” explains Carmen. “Doing things halfway has never been an option for me. If I commit to it, I’m all in! I hope to continue to inspire the next generation of leaders to do the same throughout my career at Qmerit.” IE




Carmen Robinson
Vice President


Qmerit, headquartered in Irvine, California, simplifies the adoption of electrification products for residential and light commercial markets. A leader in green energy transformation, the company provides value-driven services throughout the renewable energy equipment implementation lifecycle, from system planning, contractor selection, installation oversight and ongoing maintenance.

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