Carole Hodsdon, CIO of Help at Home, 10 Most Influential Women Leaders of 2022 Profile

Carole Hodsdon
Help at Home

Carole Hodsdon, CIO of Help at Home, 10 Most Influential Women Leaders of 2022

"Definition of Success is Doing What You Love"

Throughout her life, Carole has led IT for a number of reputable companies where she worked with many great people who’ve aided in her definition of success. She has learned through every experience and interaction she has had -- and that has led to her successful career as a leader. The best advice she can give to anyone is to be yourself. She says, “To me, happiness equals success, so trying to be something you are not won’t make you happy. More than likely, it will not create an environment that supports success.”

According to Carole Hodsdon, CIO of Help at Home, “There isn’t one definition of success or one road marker that says, “You are here – Success.” The steadfast leader has found success throughout her career and her life.

“To me, doing what makes you happy is success.” Carole says.

Carole strives to lead by example and believes authentic and servant leadership is the key to creating a successful team of highly engaged employees that do the same. “It is hard to lead a team that does not believe you are in the trenches alongside them. Staying connected to what your team is doing and how they are doing is important.”

“My team always knows I have their back,” says Carole when asked how she is leading for success.

In addition to her current role, leading Help at Home’s Information Technology organization with the goal to continue to improve the way the company leverages technology to enhance the client and caregiver experience, Carole is always mindful of continuous personal improvement.

“One personal goal I am working on is giving myself the grace to fail. If you are not willing to fail, you may never try something new and you are less likely to succeed.”

Currently, Carole believes that she can lead a successful team because of the support she receives all around her each day.

With that type of environment, she says she feels comfortable taking a risk and you cannot succeed without some educated risk. She feels that her leadership team at Help at Home are some of the best in the business because they create the right environment that leads to a recipe for building true success.

“One example of a challenge met with opportunity during COVID was an urgency to identify, develop, and deploy a mobile-friendly scheduling tool for caregivers with the goal to manage shift opportunities so the company could manage open caregiving schedules and avoid client care disruption,” says Carole.

Having that support throughout the pandemic, the most challenging environment that Carole has ever experienced, was key to her team leveraging and deploying innovative new industry technology. The result was the creation of vital solutions enabling the company to deliver on higher-quality, lower-cost outcome care models, advancing the future of home care.

Carole believes these innovative industry solutions are instrumental as the company relies on technology to support and improve the caregiver and client in-home care experiences. This in turn can lead to improved outcomes in cost and quality. Most importantly, technology serves a vital role to enable more seniors and must-serve populations to receive care and age in place in their homes, the preferred setting of care. And, with the purpose and mission of Help at Home, along with the support to try new things, Carole feels she is the most successful she has ever been. WL


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Carole Hodsdon
Help at Home


Help at Home is a leading national provider of in-home care services, delivering high-quality, relationship-based personal care and other services to help seniors and the disabled remain in their homes, the preferred setting of care.

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