Cassie Humphreys, Executive Vice President of MIMS, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Cassie Humphreys
Executive Vice President of MIMS

Cassie Humphreys, Executive Vice President of MIMS, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021

“Innovating Creative Solutions”

Cassie Humphreys, Executive Vice President, MIMS, is curious, creative, and tenacious. She thinks there is always something new to learn and better ways to do things, challenging the status quo and fostering innovation to drive business growth. Cassie believes that people-centered leadership builds stronger and more successful organizations. Hence, she focuses on bringing out the best in teams by guiding and supporting them to achieve goals and instill a culture of collaboration, taking the organization to new heights.

Cassie leads MIMS multi-channel platform, Asia’s leading provider of trusted quality medical education, information and knowledge services, and the medical communications business, developing engaging and innovative tailored communications programmes for top-tier pharmaceutical and healthcare clients. While maintaining a longer-term vision and strategic perspective, Cassie also excels at responding to the dynamic and often unexpected nature of day-to-day business, acting quickly and decisively to maintain momentum. Being comfortable with, and effectively managing, frequently competing priorities – the short-term vs the long-term, urgent vs important and strategic vs tactical – is at the heart of Cassie’s successful leadership.

Cassie has been leading the accelerated evolution of MIMS’ digital offerings to meet the rapidly changing needs of healthcare clients and healthcare professional audiences resulting from the pandemic. “By combining our expertise in healthcare communications and the insights from our audience, the MIMS Physician Digital Behaviours Survey, undertaken during the height of the pandemic restrictions on Asia, was able to provide both our clients and our own teams with the knowledge and recommendations to make evidence-based decisions on how best to support and engage healthcare professionals,” she explains. “Everybody is trying to figure out the digital thing. At MIMS we’ve had a head start because of our own MIMS channels and ability to amplify our medical communications solutions to our healthcare professional audiences. We also transitioned quickly to support our clients continued engagement of their customers for example via virtual meetings and events.”

In addition to having Asia’s largest healthcare professional audience, MIMS has an intimate understanding of the regional healthcare markets. Supported by a resourceful and talented team familiar with the needs of both healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies, they can innovate and create solutions catered to their audience and clients' needs on a regional and local level. As an example, with the growing demand for high-quality accredited continuing medical education, MIMS is re-launching its educational offering and embracing platform business strategies to enable the accelerated provision of, and participation in, continuing professional development activities. “For our customers our relaunch provides them with an accelerated speed to market for sponsored accredited education and improved transaction based value proposition,” says Cassie.

Additionally, in light of an increasing trend amongst pharmaceutical companies to manage launches, scientific meetings, and marketing programs across multiple territories, in 2019, MIMS entered into a global partnership with Ashfield Health. The two organizations recognized the need for and value of establishing a non-holding company approach to their current and future client relationships, complementing each other’s geographic reach and ultimately providing streamlined agility in delivering their healthcare communications capabilities. The synergy between MIMS and Ashfield is taking the compliance-based local knowledge within these countries and executing global programs at the local level. Both can produce heavy-duty, highly scientific healthcare communications, which will now reach Asia, the US, and Europe.

In the days to come Cassie will continue to focus on the continual evolution of the MIMS business, nurturing and supporting her talented team, exceeding growth targets and achieving MIMS’ vision of empowering healthcare communities to improve patient outcomes.IE




Cassie Humphreys
Executive Vice President of MIMS

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