Claudia Nieves, CMO of Wing, Best CMOs of 2021 Profile

Claudia Nieves
CMO of Wing

Claudia Nieves, CMO of Wing, Best CMOs of 2021

“The importance of Brand Trust in Tech”

Claudia Nieves, CMO of Wing, strongly believes that as a Marketing Leader it is your job to deliver growth, “if you are not growing you are not winning” she adds; nurture the Brand and its connection with the users and develop the marketing ecosystem capabilities. As a CMO I am not doing the marketing but strategizing and advocating for my team’s work at the C-suite and Board”. In the discussion of leadership, Claudia feels being a leader in a tech startup like Wing is both challenging and fulfilling. “There are so many shifts going on as we have Fintech and Digital Divisions and recently, we were granted a Commercial Bank License adding a recent third division. You need to be clear on your winning ambition and the change you want to create, make decisions on a wide range of disciplines i.e. product development, capital allocation, marcoms and martech, research methodologies and UX/UI; be able to identify true insights and understand and evolve with the digital world. The boundaries and governance are fluid and you need to adapt,” she adds. “My approach is to keep myself grounded, positive and resilient enough to be present when needed.”

According to Claudia, one of the many challenges in these times is the digitalization of people’s lives and the lack of trust users have on Brands. Users have been forced to rapidly adapt to and adopt a broad range of digital technologies shaping the way we collaborate, communicate and behave. Wing realized the importance of these use-cases for users’ lives to create an ecosystem of daily life-services. With a Wing account, users can hail a motorbike taxi, order food, book a ticket for a ferry or event or pay online. Wing also offers payroll, Mastercard and Visa issuance, micro-savings, loan referrals, salary advance, fund-raising & disbursement. “We have developed an extensive network of agents whose primary purpose is to aid users in this transition”. Encouraging trust as we are present for them when they need us, consistently.

The Wing Brand has earned its place as the leader in its category and will continue to be the number one; "first, thanks to its product innovation to address users’ real needs, products with meaningful impact for their daily lives, and second because we care about serving users in ways they haven’t been served before," adds Claudia. These two factors have given the brand a massive awareness, strong equity, and high engagement, but most importantly is that Wing has earned people’s trust. “Our millions of users trust us with their money every day in every transaction” she adds.

“When you work in marketing you are in the business of relationships. People do businesses with the people they know, like and trust. The same principle applies to Brands. Keep the relationships with your users alive, be there consistently, deliver on your promises to build Brand trust. Trust is the single most valuable asset any Brand can have. Nothing is more important.

In a new chapter as a Commercial Bank, Wing will be adding new innovative use-cases with security, privacy, and easy access via the app and the extensive network of agents and merchants. We will be making Banking easier and accessible to everyone.

On inspiring and guiding women, Claudia says, “show up and take action. Diversity matters and as a woman you add a different perspective even more in tech companies, feeding the company’s creative brain and fueling innovation.”. She adds, “I have myself faced the same challenges as many young women face in their careers, lives and relationships in male controlled environments where you have to stand your ground without losing your essence in the process. I like to share the factors that have worked for me and also my failures both personally and professionally. Failure to me means that I am trying something new; I take time to reflect on the experience, internalize the lesson and move on.” “Set boundaries and high standards in the areas where you want to see a positive change. Work on developing a resilient and positive mindset” she adds. IE




Claudia Nieves
CMO of Wing


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