Claudine Adams,Founder & CEO of Bravura Information Technology Systems, Inc., Top Women Business Founders of 2021 Profile

Claudine Adams
Founder & CEO of Bravura Information Technology Systems, Inc.

Claudine Adams,Founder & CEO of Bravura Information Technology Systems, Inc., Top Women Business Founders of 2021

“A Forward-thinking Innovative Leader”

There is a certain level of graciousness that every female must carry with her as she navigates her chosen profession, especially a woman in a leadership position. And that graciousness must be skirted by a multi-layer of knowledge, enthusiasm, and confidence about the products and services expected by her clients and what her company can deliver. Claudine Adams possesses a profound knowledge of the products and services that the company can provide and the ability to step back and identify any limitations the company may have. She has identified like-minded partners who can support the mission with quality solutions to help gain the highest possible outcome. She is forward-thinking and is not content with the “status quo.”

Claudine has worked hard to perfect her craft, enhance her knowledge of the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) industry, and build her business. She is confident in her abilities and is comfortable in those settings where women are/were not traditionally welcomed. When presented with a finished product or idea, Claudine is encouraging and supportive of her staff, with her signature “very nice” comment. And when the situation requires a firm redirection, Claudine is not afraid to broach the issue head-on. Not timid or retiring in her approach to staff or other industry professionals, she communicates her position and conviction. She is acutely aware of her competitors and the complicated, competitive nature of government contracting. With any measure of success comes some disappointments. Claudine treats each setback as a learning opportunity, not only for herself, but to teach other women business owners the lessons, she has learned. As a casual observation, Claudine possesses a charisma that warrants attention in any setting.

As the CEO of a woman-owned, minority-owned, disadvantaged business, primarily an engineering and technology company, Claudine promotes the advancement of women and is proud to champion the causes that help women succeed in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Claudine recognized that the challenges women face in the workforce were not static but were multi-dimensional, and her approach to supporting women is also multi-dimensional.

“Successful Woman-Owned Business. Specializes in System Engineering, Network Operations , Global Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance solutions for DOD and others.”

Claudine affords contracting opportunities and mentorship to other small, disadvantaged business (SDB), Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB), and Minority-Owned Businesses (MBE), offering expertise in the areas of Software Engineering, Network Engineering, and Human Resources Consulting and affording women, the opportunity to grow their businesses, providing network and industry related experiences.

Claudine Adams serves as the member Chair of the Northeastern Maryland Technology Council (NMTC). NMTC connects successful technology companies, government, and academic leaders into a collective force to accelerate economic growth, build the STEM Educated Workforce and drive technology and innovation in Maryland. In collaboration with NMTC, Claudine and Bravura donated $5000 scholarships to deserving young ladies graduating from Harford County since 2017, resulting in over $100,000 in scholarship dollars to those who otherwise would not be able to go to college or afford their college of choice.

Claudine’s best advice to others is, “go for your own business despite the risk. Create a plan, and then step out there. You can always go back to working for someone else.”

Bravura was born after Claudine was the President of another small business that she grew from small to large. After “cashing out,” she wanted to start her own thing where she could be free to run things as she saw fit. She wanted to show that a small, woman-owned business could do engineering and services work and do it well. Claudine has a heart for our soldiers, so she worked to maintain force protection services for our troops in Afghanistan. The company name means bravery, and they wanted to support the brave troops overseas.

The most significant achievement for Claudine’s company was being awarded a $539M dollar Army contract to maintain aerostat systems overseas. These systems, located at each forward operating base in Afghanistan and Iraq, were key to assuring the safety of our troops. These systems carried sophisticated detection equipment and were operated 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

“Bravura has made significant improvements to the aerostat technology. These include modernizing the ground control stations to be portable and improving the cyber security posture of the networks utilized by the aerostat. For the days to come, Bravura has plans to expand globally.” IEWL


Bravura Information
Technology Systems, Inc.


Claudine Adams
Founder & CEO of Bravura Information Technology Systems, Inc.


Bravura Information Technology Systems (BITS) is a rapidly growing small business dedicated to providing excellence to DoD, Intel and Civilian clients. We provide mission critical services that span the engineering life-cycle.

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