Colleen Biggs, Founder of Lead Up for Women, Best WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Colleen Biggs
Founder of Lead Up for Women

Colleen Biggs, Founder of Lead Up for Women, Best WomenLeaders of 2021

“Building Leaders of Tomorrow”

Colleen Biggs, Founder, Lead Up for Women, is a fierce leader who believes everyone must show up authentically exactly who they are to succeed in any business. She possesses the ability to influence others by her no-nonsense approach to believing you can do anything you put your mind to. She teaches on the ability to “Pull money out of thin air” by creating the life you desire. She believes that if you are solving a problem, you have a business, and she empowers thousands of women to build businesses and monetize their messages with their unique God-given talents. Colleen’s approach to her women’s organization is different than most. Instead of offering only the typical collaboration, networking, masterminds, training, etc., she takes it to another level by measuring everything in her organization to ensure she promotes the individual female, her brand, and her message. She does this through the various platforms she has built, including the magazine, podcast, Member Monday spotlights, Thrive Thursday spotlights, Teaching Tuesday workshops, etc. All of these platforms and many more are built for the members of Lead Up to stand on and bask in the spotlight while sharing about their services and skills!

“Our organization, Lead Up For Women, was born through the concept that if you step out of the shadows and into the light, you will shine! Women are most powerful when they unleash their uniqueness and SHOW UP as them in every situation — every day, everywhere! And we can’t take this journey alone. That is why we believe that as a community, we are at our strongest when we believe in, encourage, and lift all other women so we can all rise together.”

Colleen leads by example. She shows up everywhere, all the time to ensure her brand is expanding, her influence is expanding, and she is seen, heard, and being visible. She explains that the momentum begins building from the very first appearance on a podcast, speaking on stage, or showing up to a networking event. She further mentions that people begin speaking about you when you aren’t in the room as you continue showing up. This is the level at which you are looking to achieve. “When others are referring customers to your company without you having to be there, you have created the expansion of influence for your brand that is recognizable by others,” she says. "To become a leader of tomorrow, you must continue learning, because if learning is beneath you then leadership is beyond you."

Lead Up for Women was born from the sheer thought of one woman, Colleen Biggs. She created this organization to provide women the necessary platforms, tools, and spotlights to promote themselves and their brands. She realizes that today’s world is so oversaturated with social media and “noise” that so many female entrepreneurs struggle to stand out amongst that chaos. “How do they do that you ask? Through leaving a lasting impression on others and stepping into the spotlight as often as they possibly can!” Colleen doesn’t believe in competition, only collaborations. She wants all women to believe highly in their gift’s talents and their abilities to make a lot of money.

Lead Up for Women has assisted thousands of female entrepreneurs in increasing their influence, and in return, it has led to increased income in their businesses. For example, Mel became a member of Lead up in 2020. She was slowly growing her business and brand and had just launched the concept of her Virtual Assistant Business in February of that year. That’s right, one month before the pandemic. After joining Lead Up and showing up at the events, stepping into the spotlights provided, networking opportunities, receiving referrals from other women and me within the organization, her business increased by over 500% within just three months. One year later, she has six employees and serves over 100 hours per week of service to her clients.

Lead Up for Women is expanding rapidly. They recently expanded chapters in Phoenix, AZ, and Chicago, IL, with the plan to expand even further, creating several more chapters before the end of the year in 2021. These chapters allow women to bond with each other locally, support each other, and collaborate on a local level. As the years welcome a new opportunity, Lead Up plans to have a firm pulse on the community to be serving them in the ways that they demand optimal success of all female entrepreneurs. IEWL


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Colleen Biggs,
Founder of Lead Up for Women


Lead Up is an organization that empowers and encourages women to lead. We do this through summits, workshops, and retreats that foster intimate conversations and networking opportunities for personal and career growth.

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