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Cynthia Stopani
COO at LaborNowHR

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“The Team Builder”

Armed with over 20 years of experience, for Cyntha Stopani, COO of LaborNow, it’s been a blessing to have the opportunity to pioneer and drive changes throughout the industry. For Cynthia, it has been a learning experience, “It hasn’t all been perfect, but through those lessons learned, we have been able to leverage the knowledge and experience into best practices and positive impact for colleagues and clients alike”, she says.

"LaborNow is a domestic light industrial and clerical staffing company that serves several major industries across the US. LaborNow’s expertise in light industrial and professional staffing is unsurpassed and its profound knowledge of the local markets allow us to effectively serve our clients."

According to Cynthia, it all starts with the people with whom one surrounds themselves. “The strength of our team is having a unified vision and a clear objective. There are hundreds of services out there, and it all boils down to a couple of things, “How are we different? What can my team and I bring to the table that other services don’t?” she says. “This is our starting point, then we listen. You have to be a good listener in order to understand where your clients are coming from. Based on this premise, we are able to conceptualize and be creative thinkers in order to stay ahead of the game.” For Cynthia, her associates are critical to success, as it all begins with them. Warren Buffett said, “If you take care of your employees, your employees will take care of your clients.” Understanding these values and their significance is the basis for LaborNow’s business model.

The KMG family of companies is a conglomerate of full-service staffing and recruiting agencies that partner with industry employers to find custom solutions for their hiring needs by matching top talent with positions. Over the past two decades, Harold Knight, Sam Delois, and their team have built an amazing company with a people-centric culture and a phenomenal solution-based approach for their clients, as well as a rewarding environment for their people. They start by listening to their clients and develop marketing and recruiting campaigns. Having the benefit of experience allows them to develop programs that will attract and retain talent—understanding when it is an employee’s market vs. an employer’s market steers them in the right direction. “Employees want incentives and we have been fortunate to have success with our incentive programs. This is why our clients continue to partner with us for more than 20 years.”

LaborNow does not believe in making fake promises to its clients and employees and delivers on their promise of great service. All credit goes to LaborNow’s robust Management Team with over 150 years of combined industry experience. “When employees leave companies, they don’t necessarily leave the company, they leave management”. And so, we have worked very hard to create a positive work environment where people enjoy coming to work, and that is key to our success. People want to come to work for LaborNow”, says Cynthia.

On advising the future COO’s, Cynthia says that one must establish one principle, surround themselves with the right team, and put in the work to be successful. “You will be successful by surrounding yourself with the right people. “When it’s all said and done you are only as good as your team”, she says. “Social media tools continue to evolve and using metrics in social media platforms provides insights about where we should focus our efforts. Keeping informed about market trends and latest practices is an extremely valuable tool. You have stay ahead of the game and our business model’s success is due in large part to our social media presence”.

Cynthia acknowledges that 2020 has been a tremendous year amidst the pandemic, and 2021 has started even greater. “We understand the importance of maintaining the level of service that our customers are used to. We don’t see our clients as customers, they’re partners and, in this respect, we are continuing to expand operations and adding key value-added services that other companies do not provide,” she says. “Whether it’s technology, consultation, risk management, or recruiting methodologies, we always look for improvements and efficiencies in what we do. Our partners appreciate that, and this is why we have long tenured clients that have continued to work with us for many years.The company would not be where it is today, if WE had not recognized the importance of this guiding principle.” IE




Cynthia Stopani
Chief Operating Officer


LaborNowHR is a domestic light industrial staffing company that serves several major industries across the US. LNHR’s expertise in the Light Industrial & Warehouse industry is unsurpassed and our profound knowledge of the local markets allows us to effectively serve our clients.

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