Dorothy Di Stefano, Global Thought Leader at Immersive Art, Most Influential WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Dorothy Di Stefano
Global Thought Leader at Immersive Art

Dorothy Di Stefano, Global Thought Leader at Immersive Art, Most Influential WomenLeaders of 2021

“Transforming Concepts into Reality”

Dorothy Di Stefano, Global Thought Leader, Immersive Art’s approach is always to put the artist, their work, and the experience first and foremost at the center of any project. In that sense, the focus is not on the brand promotion of an individual (artist, project, or organization) but on the experience and meaning for people to actively contribute to their imagination.

Dorothy has continually drawn inspiration from the artists she works with, who dedicate their time, money, and livelihoods to their vocations. According to her, the artists see the world from outside society. Generally, they see beauty, hurt, and wonder, and they try to capture it; to share the wonder, awe and imagination. “I see my role as helping to not only raise the profile of art globally, making it accessible to everyone but importantly, to highlight the creators of these moments of pure magic,” says Dorothy, who, armed with such unique ideology, has been taking the company to new heights.

The steadfast leader says that working at the intersection of art and technology, having a vision for future trends and markets is very important. Originally, Molten Immersive Art was an animation and video projection studio focused on creating for the arts industry. As with any industry diluted by global expansion, Dorothy was looking for the ‘next step,’ which came from a keynote speaker talking about the power of experiences. “I think it was the idea of experiences rather than just content creation that sparked the shift. So now we work with researchers, institutions, governments, and corporations worldwide to create narrative-based ground-breaking concepts. Along the way, we have curated an incredible and extensive network of the world’s best artists with which we collaborate to make concepts a reality.”

Apart from obviously being extremely passionate about lifting the profile of art and artists, Dorothy became aware of cultures around the world where art is not separated as a commodity but just a part of everyday life. In fact, it is so infused in people’s lives they don’t even have a word for ‘art,’ and that captured her. For Dorothy, the ‘strategy’ has always shifted the paradigm. “My job is to argue for the intangible value of experiences and the importance of art and how it resonates with a target audience,” says Dorothy. “In a globalized world where there is no shortage of content available, what becomes precious is authenticity. I am driven by my desire to make art accessible to everyone, to promote and highlight the incredible projects of my talented friends, colleagues, and artist communities – the people who inspire me.”

As a keen observer, Dorothy is extremely happy with how the integrated communities of art, technology, and business are coming together to make things bigger than themselves. Moving from production to concept design has been a significant shift here, and she gets such a buzz from connecting with amazing talent from all over the world. “It’s not about my profile, but I am proud of accomplishing a voice that can speak loudly for others, and that is resonating with people.”

It is pertinent to mention that in the end, Dorothy doesn’t think art or meaning or human expression should be sprinkled on top of everything else in life that’s ‘important.’ It is essential in its own right. Great art makes meaning for those who make it and those who absorb it. “I choose to make it vital in as much as I can for as many people as possible. My aim is to change the conversation so that art is not only accessible to everyone but an integral part of everyday life,” adds Dorothy.IEWL


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Dorothy Di Stefano
Global Thought Leader at Immersive Art


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