Dr Martina Diekmann, CEO of Vivitide, Best CEOs of 2021 Profile

Dr Martina Diekmann
CEO of Vivitide

Dr Martina Diekmann, CEO of Vivitide, Best CEOs of 2021

“A True Mentor & Leader”

Dr. Martina Diekmann, CEO of vivitide, has been a beacon of positive attitude from the pandemic's very onset. A leadership characteristic of hers is that she goes above and beyond to be available to her employees, ensuring everyone’s wellbeing. Martina played a critical role in quickly transforming the workforce into an agile, highly flexible, and extremely well-aligned organization, building on her key strengths such as striving to be ahead of the game and early, proactive, and fast decision making. Another pillar of Martina’s success is guiding the team in a people-oriented and collaborative way of working. An example is the new company name, vivitide, resulting from the creative work done internally by involving key people from the business. The same approach was used to identify the company values because Martina is convinced that vivitide’s employees are the true asset of the company. She said that actively listening to clients and employees alike and an open-door policy at vivitide are essential ingredients to achieve excellent customer care and profitable growth of the business while shaping the company for future success based on high customer and employee satisfaction.

"Inspiring leader with strong background in life sciences (PhD) and several years of experience in biotech R&D & commercialization. I am passionate about leading teams to achieve great results. I enjoy coaching, mentoring others and sharing experiences . I have gained extensive experience across both early stage and established businesses (with a bit of corporate citizenship)and successfully grown businesses in the areas of Research and Development and Life Sciences excellence in the past few years."

Martina is a strong believer in leading by example. For her, “everyone is equal” means mentoring and coaching all managers to create a sense of familiarity, diversity, and acceptance in the workplace among both men and women. Empowering women means creating a workplace that allows them to grow to the very best version of themselves. In a nutshell, as Martina says, key prerequisites for tomorrow’s female leaders are still the same: the ability to articulate themselves, stand their ground, and gain influence.

vivitide was launched as a new brand in January 2021 to transform a business with a legacy of over 55 years of history into a global player. vivitide is specialized in manufacturing peptides that are present in numerous biological processes as messenger molecules and are widely used in pharmaceutical applications. From her very first day, Martina started emphasizing vivitide’s role and contribution to life science research convinced that a deep understanding of the big picture is the foundation needed to set the company apart. It was a game-changer for everyone at vivitide to realize the impact of vivitide’s contribution to the diagnosis, therapy, and cure of currently unmet medical needs. Going beyond the mere supply of biochemicals is the company’s core business, uniting the employees in their contribution.

“With a history of being flexible and easy to work with, we build true partnerships with our customers. They appreciate our open, transparent and proactive communication,” says Martina. “The expertise of our long-time employees, scientific experts in their field, allows scientists to engage and elaborate solutions with us as a team.” She adds, “vivitide’s consistent high quality allows our clients to focus on the science, knowing they can rely on our services and products and, as a consequence, trust in their results.”

With vivitide’s new brand, Martina’s and her team’s vision is to become one of the leading independent suppliers of peptides globally. “Our strategy is to serve our customers from early research activities all the way to clinical supply. Our new, mid-large scale production line in the USA is the first step along those lines and we target further expansion in the near future,” she says. The one piece of advice Martina would like to give all females is to start networking with other women to empower each other and allow them to benefit from both female support and competition. This translates to Martina’s private life. Martina is a passionate long-distance runner. She is also co-founder of FEEN, a female endurance community, empowering women worldwide to connect and support each other in an active lifestyle and enjoying the unique experience of female sports groups.IE




Dr Martina Diekmann


vivitide’s consistent high quality allows our clients to focus on the science, knowing they can rely on our services and products and, as a consequence, trust in their results

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