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Dr Tammy Meiron
CTO of FRESH START FoodTech Incubator

Tammy Meiron, CTO of FoodTech Incubator certificate

“Bringing Sustainable Solutions to Food Industry”

Dr. Tammy Meiron brings rich experience in theory (academic background) and practice; as a leader of established global corporations and technology startups companies, she brings insight and wide-ranged technological knowledge to the incubator management team and its portfolio companies. In addition, Tammy is unique as to her: curiosity and updated knowledge, social and communication skills, high strategic capacity, customer knowledge, team leadership, and training skills, as well as knowledge about project management and meeting deadlines.

Before Dr. Meiron became Fresh-Start Incubator's CTO, she was the head of the protein department at Sigma Aldrich (later acquired by Merck), producing more than 450 different proteins and enzymes (arriving from tissue culture, fermentation, animal & plant tissues). She has served as a technological leader in various startups such as Amai Proteins, Zero-Egg, AvoMed, AlgaMed, Nutrinia, and more, and has implemented new products for global leading food companies. Dr. Meiron follows a personal vision to promote breakthrough technologies to bring the global food industry sustainable solutions for its immediate and future needs.

“When meeting a woman entrepreneur, especially if she is young, I talk to her as I wish someone had talked to me when I was at that point of time. I would tell her that she is capable and may achieve her dream by carefully defining her goals, and by being able to learn from each failure that she will face - and become an improved version of herself,” says Dr. Meiron. “I would encourage her to connect with inspiring figures and just be attentive to opportunities. If she will be determined and perform in a continuous mode of action, she will find her own way for fulfilment.”

The most influential person for Dr. Meiron is her Ph.D. advisor, Prof. Sam Saguy. His professionality did not affect his warm and giving personality, and she deeply relates to this quality. He always provides educated and practical advice. “I believe that working close with him for 6 years prepared me for the "real world"." I recall his admirable ability to offer support and encouragement at challenging points in the research process, while firmly confronting me to do a reality-check and zoom-out and try to figure out different perspectives for making a progress. This balance is something I strongly try to apply to any mentorship I give today.” Armed with these ideologies, Dr. Meiron has been taking the incubator to new heights.

One of the major human race’s challenges today is developing technologies to feed the increasing world population in light of the climate crisis and limited land and water resources. The global investments in this field have increased significantly in the past 3-4 years, reaching $173B in 2020 and expected to increase further. Fresh-Start is part of the IIA (Israeli Innovation Authority) incubator’s program, leveraging government funds for supporting and investing in early-stage startups. It is also a part of a larger vision to create an AgriFoodTech cluster, “the foodtech valley,” at the North of Israel, promoting the local economy through internationally oriented ventures.

Fresh Start intended to grow dozens of impactful food tech companies from vision to scale over eight years of franchise and serve as a vehicle for all its strategic and financial partners to initiate and develop FoodTech Innovation. With the best of industry players; Tnuva (the biggest Israeli food company) and Tempo (one of the biggest Israeli beverages companies), and the best of global VCs; OurCrowd (a leading equity crowdfunding platform) and Finistere Ventures (a global AgriFood Venture Capital fund), Fresh-Start is looking to impact the future of food, beverage, and nutrition by introducing breakthrough technologies that comply with the emerging needs of the FoodTech world.

“Our portfolio companies receive ongoing technological and business support, and enjoy the benefits of the incubator’s partners, offering strong industry perspective, access to a full funding cycle, and a massive global network of both professional experts and potential clients,” says Dr. Meiron. “By integrating all of these in the foodtech cluster of the north of Israel, of which Fresh Start is a key part, we are catering to the needs of an additional client – ‘the FoodTech Valley’ partners.” IEWL


FRESH START FoodTech Incubator


Dr Tammy Meiron
CTO of FRESH START FoodTech Incubator


Fresh-Start FoodTech Incubator is part of the IIA incubators program, as well as the evolving AgriFoodtech cluster in the north of Israel. Incubator's partners form a unique balanced syndicate of strong industrial players and track record financial partners: Tnuva is Israel's leading dairy and food company, Tempo is a leading beverage company, OurCrowd is one of the largest crowd funding vehicles in the world, and Finistere Ventures is a specialized agrifood tech VC fund. Supported by the added values of each of the partners, Fresh Start is seeking to grow Impact FoodTech Companies from Vision to Scale.

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