Emilia Garito, Chief Executive Officer of Quantum Leap Ip, Most Empowering Women Leaders of 2021 Profile

Emilia Garito
Chief Executive Officer of Quantum Leap Ip

Emilia Garito, Chief Executive Officer of Quantum Leap Ip, Most Empowering Women Leaders of 2021

“Opening Innovative Paths for Others”

Emilia Garito, CEO, Quantum Leap, is endowed with an uncommon strategic vision: her ability to connect the dots has led her to devise processes and methodologies capable of supporting coherent and sustainable business development and creating the conditions for research land effectively in the markets.

Nicoletta Foti, Quantum Leap project manager working hand-in-hand with Emilia, says about Emilia “What I learned from Emilia is the importance of being mothers and entrepreneurs at the same time. It can appear that an entrepreneur/mother has multiple identities, which can be confusing or lead to dispersion and the fear of revealing her flaws, however Emilia taught me that it is precisely when a woman recognizes to have multiple identities that she improves herself, thanks to taking together her personal and professional paths.” Nicoletta has taken inspiration from Emilia to work hard and improve throughout her growing career. Emilia urges every woman to live with the curiosity to do things and the challenge to do them well. She thinks that developing a multidisciplinary and interconnected competence-base, from which everyone should explore and bring out a definition of solutions, is really a valid approach for the society we live, thus also improving the role of us women in the working world.

Emilia learned the importance of never giving up—which is an important leadership lesson she has understood while working with her peers. “It sounds banal and simple, but when you don't sleep at night, because you have a lot of problems to solve that could impact the lives of your employees, despite the ease of the shortcut in front of you, you understand that the importance of ethics in business and private life is greater than possible cash flows, then this sentence never give up! is not so banal and simple, because you can understand what it means while you are living it in a real daily path.” Armed with this unique attitude, Emilia has taken the company to new heights.

Quantum Leap IP came to light to fill a strategic area not covered by large consulting companies. Emilia, since her work in Leonardo SPA (Italia Defense company leader in Europe), had the vision to consider IP enhance and strategy as enabling methods for Business Strategy, she says: “while the past century was driven by a pro-patent economy, this century is destined to be considered the age of pro–innovation economy. So, the IP rights are passing from being a mere protectionist purposes to become a business tool for companies who want to compete in the market of the future. In this sense, Tech Transfer is a strategic process to enable an impactful industrial policy for any advanced country. Mostly now in Italy, through the funds allocated in the PNRR and the initiatives included therein, it is clearer to companies that they can no longer ignore the need to have Technology Transfer in their strategic development plans, if they want to be truly competitive on the global market".

“Quantum Leap IP came to light to fill a strategic area not covered by large consulting companies. IP Strategy is an enabling tool for Business Strategy, but mostly in Italy, that is a country at the forefront of innovation, technology and research”

Maurizio Berti, Chief Technology Officer of Quantum Leap and Emilia’s partner says: “The company's biggest achievement has been to make both large and medium-sized companies understand and demonstrate that their IP portfolios are a strategic asset capable of fostering consistent and long-lasting development and of approaching parallel and adjacent markets through a diversification of the offer. Through IP Strategy, tech companies are also facilitated to manage co-research and co-development projects within the research field (with strategic partners as universities and research centers)”.

All the services that Quantum Leap develops aim to support creating a virtuous country system in which research and industry can dialogue effectively to create sustainable and respectful development that solves people's real needs and improves their quality of life. “I like to think of Quantum Leap as a company that creates and facilitates industrial synergies thus fostering Italian economic development” says Francesca Tosato, Communication and Marketing Director of Quantum Leap and Emilia’s partner.

For Valeria Bartolucci, Public Relation Director of Quantum Leap and Emilia’s Partner, “Quantum Leap has shown us, through its experience over the last ten years in technology Transfer and Open Innovation, that Italy is not only a country renowned for its territory, its food, its design and fashion, but also a country at the forefront of innovation, technology and research. In the fast world we are living today, time and money go hand in hand that’s why Quantum Leap is capable to enable valuable opportunities between industry and research, this is our vision”.

It is pertinent to mention, Emilia has independently created two entirely new concepts that have been applied in projects for leading Italian companies:

• Maieutics of Innovation: A methodology that allows unresolved technological problems to emerge from within a company and possible solutions proposed by employees who are not directly involved in research and development activities.

• IP Lifecycle Management: A methodology that takes the form of developing guidelines for managing all the phases of creation, management, and valorization of intellectual property within a company or an industrial group.

“These both methodologies will facilitate the creation of an impactful Tech Transfer ecosystem in Italy and abroad, such as we already noted in the last years of work in supporting industries and research centers in their own tech transfer and Open Innovation path.” IEWL


Quantum Leap Ip


Emilia Garito
Chief Executive Officer of Quantum Leap Ip


Quantum Leap (QL), a branch of Infinity Edge Srl (an Italian corporation specializing in innovative services), is one of the first Italian patent brokers. Quantum Leap focuses on both inventions that have already been patented and those in the process of being patented. QL’s mission is to scout new ideas and transform them into innovative products. Typical clients of QL are Research Institutes, Industries, Venture Capital and Angel Investor Funds that invest in technology. QL is now a very important point of connection between the world of Italian Research and Industry, and it has contacts with the most important patent brokers and patent aggregators in the world. The activity of QL for inventors consist of analyzing potential markets, finding potential buyers, licensees or business partners, and suggest the best strategy to build high value businesses within the shortest time.

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