Esther Riveroll, Founder and CEO at Alldatum Business, Most Empowering Women Leaders of 2021 Profile

Esther Riveroll
Founder and CEO at Alldatum Business

Esther Riveroll, Founder and CEO at Alldatum Business, Most Empowering Women Leaders of 2021

“Balancing Business & Technical Knowledge”

Creating Alldatum was the watershed of a new life because "beyond just being a professional project, for Esther Riveroll, Founder and CEO, Alldatum Business, it is a project to transcend and make a better world." She is a very dedicated, passionate, and human IT professional who focuses on results but always thinks about the impact she is making on the people and the world. That is why one or her company slogan is “Alldatum – The human side of technology”.

She is an energetic leader who can build multi-level relationships, bring people along, and have fun while working. Being a very results-oriented executive with an organization savviness, Esther can easily deal with changes. “I am always innovating, learning and bringing new ideas into the organization that generate long-term business relationships with customers and the trust of Alldatum team,” explains Esther. “My experience in the technology industry is from many years, nevertheless I always fresh to adopt and implement new trends. My balance between technical and business knowledge allows me to accelerate sales and decide for the best short- and long-term strategy.”

“We are a company passionate about delivering and helping customers with their data experience . Alldatum provides value to customers with a hands -on approach , accompanying them on their journey towards a successful digital transformation , as well as responding to the challenges presented by the digital economy and data management initiatives. We help our customers to obtain real-time information from their systems to make better decisions. We have developed a best-in-class team with deep expertise, broad customer experience and the drive to support rapid business impact for our clients. We are the human side of technology and are committed to create opportunities to professionals and create a better world by using technology.”

According to Esther, to run a company, one must have leadership skills to motivate and coordinate the teams effectively to perform the tasks in time and with company values with high quality to demonstrate the value to partner. She makes it a point to generate a great work environment, promoting teamwork and recognition of each team member. “We need to be supportive and support each other. Do coaching and give opportunities to people who are trying to grow in this. I dedicate time to talk and support in their strategies women and men who also want to create their own businesses or grow in their professional career.”

She believes that the experience of others is precious, and if she can share with people her expertise to support them, it is the way to assist them in reaching greater heights. Esther is also creating two civil associations called “Digital Connected World” to support all individuals from the point of view of making technology available for all and “Digital Connected Woman”, by empowering women to study STEM professional careers and being an example for them. Walk the talk. “Participating on forums, interviews, creating a brand with my experience that inspire women to know that everything is possible if you really believe in that objective you want to achieve.” With this ideology, Esther has been taking the company to new heights.

Founded in 2016 with a background of more than 28 years of experience in the technological industry and 10 years in innovation and data on January 22 we turned 6 years old. Alldatum Business is a company that was created by a woman in partnership with her children (Millenials). “My son is now the COO of the company, and my daughter is creating our digital and PR strategy. We started with 5 employees and in 6 years we are already 50 and we are growing. We have approximately 25 clients and not only in Mexico but in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Chile, Colombia and the United States.” Esther adds, “When you work for a company, the name of that company has your back. But when you create your own company, what supports you is your reputation, values, leadership, and brand. This growth and giving opportunities to the new generations is what I consider has been a great achievement and more what we need to achieve.”

The steadfast leader aims to grow more to give more opportunities and create a better world to live in. “I think that when we help customers with their data and digital transformation strategies and they are successful, at the same time we are creating job opportunities for other people and we are helping,” she adds. “What you will see in the future is that we will continue innovating, teaching professionals cause there is not very much skill on what we do, that is why we create “Alldatum Academy”. We will continue providing scholarships to teach and innovating and adopting new technology to deliver the best solutions for our customers’ needs.” They want to be a real partner to customers, to be the best place to work for the Alldaters, to create alliances based on respect and trust. “We want to conquer the world, to help customers not only on Mexico and Latam but in other parts of the world as today we are in other countries.” IEWL


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Esther Riveroll
Founder and CEO
Alldatum Business


Alldatum Business "The data highway experts" . A Tibco Elite and Karma Pulse Partner. Data Drives decisions, our passion is to support Companies with their Data Managment Strategy, Support them to gain value and be successfull through their Digital Transformation journey.

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