Heather Dunn, CMO of ChildcareCRM, Best CMOs of 2021 Profile

Heather Dunn
CMO of ChildcareCRM

Heather Dunn, CMO of ChildcareCRM, Best CMOs of 2021

“A Goal-Focused Leader”

Heather Dunn is the executive leader behind ChildcareCRM’s global marketing strategy and execution. She’s responsible for the company’s brand, go-to-market, demand generation, product marketing, and customer marketing. Heather joined ChildcareCRM in 2020, bringing more than two decades’ experience building leading brands, accelerating revenue growth, and driving innovative go-to-market strategies for B2B startups and growth stage companies. Prior to joining ChildcareCRM, Heather was the marketing executive for two hyper-growth SaaS companies, playing a lead role in their triple-digit growth.

Heather is a vision-driven, goal-focused executive with a proven history of innovation and achievement. She has established a reputation as a transformational leader driven by challenge, undeterred by obstacles, and committed to delivering high-performance marketing. Her expertise encompasses all aspects of marketing and the ability to build consensus and partnerships among executives, sales, product, and customer success teams to drive go-to-market success.

Early in her career, Heather was often the only woman executive at the table, and it was challenging to be the lone female voice. Since then, Heather’s seen an increase in the number of woman executives, managers, and individual contributors in the technology field. She has worked with talented female Chief Revenue, Customer, and Product Officers, and it’s been a welcome and much-needed change.

Heather hopes her business success inspires other women to fulfill their potential. Heather has actively mentored women from the start of her career, helping them hone their leadership, management, and marketing skills and chart their career paths. Her advice is for women not to be afraid of taking risks. Always try new things. Learn from the things that aren’t working and double-down on the things that are working. You’ll move the business forward faster when you experiment, learn, and adapt.

Heather’s been fortunate to have many role models throughout her career, both men and women, who identified and nurtured her strong leadership abilities. She thinks it’s essential to seek inspiration and mentorship from leaders in your network and current workplace. Heather’s career has been built on a commitment to excellence, a passion for lifelong learning, and the willingness to do whatever’s required to achieve the standard of excellence she sets for herself and her team. The biggest leadership lesson Heather wants to pass on to other women is not to stifle your voice. “Contribute to the conversation, don’t be afraid to disagree, and offer solutions to the challenges of the business.” Armed with this unique ideology, Heather has taken the company to new heights.

At ChildcareCRM, Heather markets software to early childhood education organizations. Growing a childcare organization has never been more challenging. Continued COVID obstacles, staffing shortages, and changing parent expectations have created an environment where the old way of managing the parent experience from inquiry through retention doesn’t work anymore. It’s inconvenient, time-consuming, and full of obstacles that cause families to choose another childcare center altogether.

ChildcareCRM was created to help childcare businesses—large and small—increase enrollment and retention while saving staff hours of work each day. The company pioneered CRM and marketing automation software for childcare businesses and today serves more than 4,000 childcare centers globally. The award-winning ChildcareCRM software platform includes lead management, marketing automation, reporting, online enrollment, and payment.

More than a decade ago, the founders of ChildcareCRM created the first-ever CRM software for the early childhood education industry. ChildcareCRM offers two product tiers, CRM and CRM+, along with a digital forms product called ChildcareFORMS. These software products enable childcare centers to automate sales and marketing, saving time so they can focus on what matters most—caring for their enrolled families. ”We’re helping over 4,000 childcare centers across 5 different countries grow their businesses.”

ChildcareCRM will continue to provide childcare software that helps childcare centers increase enrollment and improve retention. “In 2022, we’ll offer ChildcarePAY, a new product that takes the hassle out of fee payment by letting parents pay during online enrollment,” says the steadfast leader. "Childcare centers can increase enrollments by providing parents with simple, convenient online payment and save time by eliminating the manual work required to process payments."

For more information about ChildcareCRM, visit www.childcarecrm.com. IEWL




Heather Dunn
CMO of ChildcareCRM


ChildCareCRM is a web-based customer relationship management and marketing system designed specifically for the child care industry. Significantly enhance your inquiry-to-enrollment rates and gain valuable marketing information.

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