Hema Niranjan, MD of Dezign Code, Top 10 Inspiring Women Leaders of 2022 Profile

Hema Niranjan
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Hema Niranjan, MD of Dezign Code, Top 10 Inspiring Women Leaders of 2022

"A True Role-Model"

Hema Niranjan is a 35-year-old entrepreneur with a heart that believes in giving. She has a vibrant persona and a confident, go-getter attitude. With the right intent and aptitude, it is phenomenal to see how Hema has honed her skills and carved a place for herself in this competitive world.

Hema strongly believes that not everyone is born with business skills, but with the right passion, thorough involvement, and constant creative thought, everyone can master business management skills. Apart from being an able business woman, she is a highly efficient mother. She finds time to play that role effortlessly between running a restaurant and an Interior Design firm with utmost passion and dedication. She has mastered the art of striking the perfect balance between being a woman in business and a loving mother to her daughter. Her coworkers describe her as a fierce businesswoman who transforms the lives of everyone she comes across. Armed with these skills, Hema has made her ventures quite successful.

DEZIGN CODE is unique in upbeat designs, quality services and best customizations to the Indian inetrior designing market. Themes like Pirates, village , ship etc. across major cities like Goa , Bangalore, Hyderabad are unique .

Hema started a unique Army themed Restaurant called HUNGER CAMP in 2019 along with her business partner CHETAN PATEL.

"Because we believe every idea is worth exploring and every desire can be turned into a tangible experience! We are one of those rare passionate designers who say “Hurray” whenever you make a customisation request. We take pride in our approach which sets aside the cliched cookie cutter mentality – unlike many others in the industry who have just “modular” solutions!"

Hunger camp is one of its kind army themed restaurant in Bangalore celebrating the spirit of the Indian army, and to pay tribute to martyrs of our soil. Also, they have Registered an NGO on the same name to help the familiars of martyrs.

Hema Niranjan comes from a rural and traditional family. Opportunities to study were scarce and women venturing into business from such families is seen as crossing over the boundaries. It was tough terrain for her and she had to do a lot more convincing of people around to take them in her stride,which she successfully did. She had no knowledge of business back then and no family business background. Her father is a government school teacher and her mother is homemaker.

Hema has done MA, majoring in English from KSOU. She got married at the age of 21 and soon had a kid. Her husband NIRANJAN (Flying ECMO specialist ) has supported her desire to study interior designing courses at Jain university, Bengaluru and won “Academic Excellence Award '' in the year 2016 and secured a distinguished alumni Award in the following year.

She has really worked her way by putting in effort and honing skills. She had to shoulder the responsibility of her little daughter for six years during the initial years of business being set up. She played the roles of both a father and a mother to her kid when her husband was working abroad. Facing all these odds was not easy job, especially being a woman, one should have a lot of grit, determination and passion.

Hema encourages her kid MAANVI PATEL to have creative experiences in the field of Acting and modelling, Art, Dance, Sports along with education. Maanvi Patel does modelling for famous brands like Byju's, MAX, FBB etc. She has groomed her kid with the same kind of upbringing Hema received from her parents : good values. Giving back to society is one of her rituals. Recently, Maanvi donated 50,000 INR from what she earned from her modelling assignments towards CM COVID relief fund.

Hema is a support system for female business owners who are trying hard to establish themselves. “Life hasn’t been easy for women, but when one reads about successful women it acts like the wind beneath their wings,” says Hema, who sets an example to young, married, and aspirational women by showing that nothing is beyond determination, grit, and passion. No marital, familial, or social shackles can keep a woman from growing to great heights. The steadfast leader has shown the world how it is done by first employing women financially and emotionally uplifting them. Women can be world leaders, and they just need the right skills, mentorship, and push. With her keen business skills, Hema is always ready to guide future entrepreneurs and show them the way, so that they can achieve bigger feats.

Hema also takes the initiative to inspire and empower team members into becoming great leaders of tomorrow. Her coworkers are all praise for their fierce leader. She instills confidence in her team by guiding them and encouraging them to take the initiative during projects. She employs women and involves them in the planning and executing a project.

Being an innovative Social Entrepreneur determined to bring in positive social change and is a true champion of Sustainability. The interior setup of Hunger camp, the restaurant owned by Hema is thoughtfully designed to incorporate raw materials like, waste materials procured to suit the Military theme while staying true to the cause of Sustainability. The waste from the kitchen is recycled every day. The restaurant nudges diners to consume thoughtfully and not to waste the food. The impact of the business on people around her is another differentiating factor. she has positively touched so many lives through her ventures in terms of giving sustainable employment, equal opportunity for women empowerment and setting an example as a champion of sustainable ecology. The future may be daunting for most of us, but Hema is focused on taking big steps that will change the trajectory of her company’s growth and development. She aims to expand her Interior brand across Karnataka and record a business turnover of approximately 150 Cr. She has similar plans for her restaurant as well. She intends to expand Hunger Camp and establish over 6 branches in Karnataka in the near future. On the personal front, she looks forward to participating in Beauty Pageants and winning them. Hema believes in making dreams come true for herself and everyone who believes in her cause.


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Hema Niranjan
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