Inna Tumarin Senior Vice President of Domestic Sales & Global Marketing at Higher Education Skincare, Most Successful Women Leaders of 2021 Profile

Inna Tumarin
Senior Vice President of Domestic Sales & Global Marketing at Higher Education Skincare

Inna Tumarin Senior Vice President of Domestic Sales & Global Marketing at Higher Education Skincare, Most Successful Women Leaders of 2021

“Pioneer of Clean Beauty”

Inna Tumarin joined Higher Education Skincare as Global Vice President of Sales during the most critical time in the Spring of 2020 while Covid-19 was in full force and many beauty and skincare organizations were struggling to get a grip on the future of their brands. Inna followed closely the trends of the consumer and how the target Gen Z demographic was shopping, consuming social content, and which platforms to lean into while all retail department stores were shut down.

She quickly pivoted how to approach sell in and sell through, leaned into digital channel partners and forged partnerships with key organizations such as IPSY (for brand awareness), sold the assortment into Von Maur (full store distribution and .com), leaned into digital touchpoints of, plus additional partnerships launching in Spring 2022.

In 2021 Inna was promoted to Senior Vice President of Domestic Sales and Global Brand Marketing for her skill set and experience in establishing brands in the congested beauty space. During her career of 20 years in beauty, skincare, and fragrances, Inna has launched over 12 (NOW) Globally established brands, including Parris Swiss Laboratory, Perris Monte Carlo, House of Sillage, Tom Ford Beauty, Panasonic Personal Care Luxury division, and many more. Working closely with corporate buyers such as ULTA, Sephora, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Harrods, Selfridges, The Hut Group, and Neiman Marcus Group, to name a few. In 8 months, Inna revamped the Marketing strategy for Higher Education Skincare and leaned into Gen Z relevant platforms such as TikTok and Instagram with a holistic customer-first approach and meeting the customer where they spend most of their time. “The consumer is much smarter now in seeking out information on ingredients, researching brands on social media and learning what they stand for. Gen Z does not shop from the Brands’ advertising, they shop from their peers, and relevant influencers. They consume content in bit size portions and are costately educating themselves on what they are eating, doing, applying on their skin.”

As the female leader and Inna Tumarin being much younger than the typical corporate leaders, it’s been vital for her to seek out companies that support female leadership. “Leonard Estee Lauder once said, ‘never make a big decision without a woman at the table’, which really resonated with me.” Inna noted. “I seek out companies that I work with where my direct boss is supportive, does not stifle my creativity, is understanding of situations that are out of our control at the time, and most of all, a mentor. I found this to be true at Higher Education Skincare within Jim Headley – the CEO and President.”

Inna always ensures everyone within her team is valued and listened to. She loves feedback and empowers by leading by example. If there is an event and the event is short on staff, she jumps in and picks up tasks to ensure the task is executed. She does not hold back from sharing her knowledge and experience. Inna Tumarin inherently knows her teams’ success is her success as a leader.

A leadership lesson Inna learned along the way being a female leader, is to always be humble and not be above doing any task that she would ask of her team to so. “Be in the trenches with them, listen to their feedback, get a different perspective. You are only as strong as your collective team. Help people along with their learning journey of a new task.” Inna’s joy is seeing people be successful in their roles and grow professionally, and that is how she is taking the company to new heights.

Higher Education Skincare was born to meet the needs of a Gen Z consumer that seeks out brands that align with their ethos & values. Higher Education Skincare prides itself on being inclusive through imagery and formulations; they believe in authenticity. “Making a difference in the world and caring about our planet, we pride ourselves on ensuring we leave a positive footprint on the planet, by partnering with Ocean Conservancy,” says the pioneering leader. “It is truly clean, safe, and healthy skincare and Higher Education Skincare is helping build healthy skincare habits for life.” IEWL


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Inna Tumarin
Senior Vice President of Domestic Sales & Global Marketing at Higher Education Skincare


Higher Education Skincare was created specifically to meet the skin needs of a younger market. Ages 17-29. We are clean and cruelty free, gluten free, nut free, sulfate free, paraben free and never ever tested on animals. We are aware of the need to protect the earths resources and only use 100% recyclable paper for our unit cartons and shippers, To us, skincare is health, happiness, confidence and empowerment.

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