Stacy Frame, Vice President of Internacional, 10 Most Influential Women Leaders of 2022 Profile

Janet Jack
CEO of The Institute of Accounts and Bookkeepers

Stacy Frame, Vice President of Internacional, 10 Most Influential Women Leaders of 2022

Leading with An Abundant Mindset

Janet Jack CEO of the Institute of Accounts and Bookkeepers formerly known as the international association of Bookkeepers, leads with a true abundant mindset and believes there is room in the world for everyone to thrive. She encourages others to shine and bring forward their authentic self, thus promoting diversity and inclusion throughout all business areas. She takes personal pride in developing others and supporting them to find their own path in life.

She has been a support system to the female business owners out there trying hard to establish themselves. “You can’t be what you can’t see,” so by being visible and accessible to all members and placing importance on good communication, and it is possible to lead by example. Unusually, a CEO has run a successful business in the same field as the members, which brings enormous integrity to her leadership.

Janet is inspiring and empowering team members to become great leaders of tomorrow. Janet recognizes individual qualities in others and will guide instead of dictate, and in doing so, this empowers people to become more confident as a person and in their role. This is reinforced by a culture in the organization of being a safe space to problem solve, as a group and as an individual.

Janet believes it is a personal choice to lead a positive or negative life; therefore success in a traditional sense isn’t applicable. To be content and find inner peace is the most significant achievement in life. "Business can be all-consuming and can unquestionably enhance your life but do not forget to live your life, and it is essential not to have a narrow focus on one aspect of your life," she elucidates. "It would help if you had time for your family and friends because they are your integral support system and can celebrate the milestones with you too."

According to Janet, one needs to assert their authority at the beginning of a new role to be considered of equal ability to a male leader. However, this can be done positively, and female leaders tend to be more in tune with their instincts which can be a powerful tool. It is also important to bring the team along when implementing any changes, as a leader is only as strong as their weakest link. Identifying team members that need support early in a project is also essential. Armed with this unique mindset, Janet has been taking the company to new heights.

The Institute of Accountants and Bookkeepers (IAB) is committed to creating a global community of aspirational, entrepreneurial, highly qualified, and successful bookkeepers, accountants and finance professionals by providing accredited qualifications, support and continuing development from the beginning of a student's journey and throughout their career. The IAB also offers membership and AML supervision for bookkeepers and accountants in practice.

Janet states, today the most significant trend is the technology and how it continues to change the financial industry. At the IAB, the focus is on future-proofing financial roles because data entry automation has eroded the old model of exchanging time for money. This allows finance professionals to focus on data analysis and empower business owners to make informed decisions. The IAB is now a market leader in AML training and supervision and is highly regarded among the regulatory bodies and its members as being highly effective.

The company is working on raising the bar of financial literacy globally by introducing new qualifications that span all abilities making the industry accessible to all. One way the IAB intends to achieve this is by continuing to work with the government to regulate the financial industry, a long overdue action.

The IAB also honors its sustainability goals and is making progress towards being carbon neutral by the end of 2023. The IAB is working in emerging markets to provide support to organizations and individuals through our qualifications and charitable work. Currently, they have started a project to identify and provide scholarships for disadvantaged young people to get started in a financial career. Janet says, “It is wonderful to find myself in a position where I have an organization that can facilitate the changes I personal hold dear and give back to an industry I have enjoyed”. WL




Janet Jack
CEO of The Institute of Accounts and Bookkeepers


The Institute of Accountants and Bookkeepers is a membership organisation and awarding body providing qualifications in bookkeeping, payroll and finance. Our aim is simple – raising the bar of financial literacy both in the UK and abroad - by creating a global community of aspirational, entrepreneurial, highly-qualified successful bookkeepers, accountants and finance professionals.

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