Jasmine Lombardi Chief Customer Officer at Locus Robotics, Most Empowering Women Leaders of 2021 Profile

Jasmine Lombardi
Chief Customer Officer at Locus Robotics

Jasmine Lombardi Chief Customer Officer at Locus Robotics, Most Empowering Women Leaders of 2021

“Empowering the team to build a strong customer base”

Jasmine Lombardi, Locus Robotics' Chief Customer Officer, is a dynamic, successful, goal-oriented, and adaptable senior management executive with remarkable and established management and leadership credentials. Jasmine manages and leads one of the largest teams in the company, Customer Success. She leads the company's most strategic positions in customer lifecycle management, including deployment/implementation, support, account management, and field services, as well as optimization of the robotics solution to maximise customers' lifetime value. This Customer Success team is key to Locus Robotics' land and grow strategy. Locus has risen to the top of the AMR market as a result of this strategy.

Jasmine says, “Being an Asian woman in a male-dominated industry, there are times that being respected and accepted of any ideas/solutions can be a challenge. Knowledge, confidence, and executive presence are key to working in a male-dominated industry. One would need to hold her own in listening, understanding the customer business problems and be able to utilize knowledge, technical expertise, and soft skills (analytical, problem solving, great communication) to gain the trust and respect from the customers. This takes effort and grit by studying and learning the technologies (robotics and business applications) behind the solution as well as the industry, operational challenges to speak the language and have empathy and appreciation for what the customers are facing. Building great relationships with the customers by going above and beyond what they need increases trust and partnership. As the CCO of Locus Robotics, the motto of the CS team is built on making our customers successful and relationships are key. We are our customers' trusted advisors and long-term partners.”

Locus Robotics provides a proven robotics-enabled warehouse execution platform that powers the digital warehouse by coordinating labor and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) through dynamic optimization algorithms and real-time operational performance data. Unlike other warehouse automation solutions, Locus Robotics’ unique multi-bot solution delivers increasingly intelligent warehouse execution, flexible operational scalability, and unparalleled time to realized value. Built by logistics experts for logistics experts, Locus Robotics combine 250+ years of experience in technology, robotics, and warehousing with a commitment to customer success to deliver a purpose-built, total solution that optimizes inbound and outbound warehouse operations.

Customer Success at Locus plays a significant role in the business's success. As the Chief Customer Officer, Jasmine manages the customer success team by overseeing the strategy of implementations, deployments, support, and optimization. With the boom of e-commerce and the need to automate the warehouse industry, Jasmine was tapped to join Locus Robotics in 2016 as the Chief Customer Officer to start the Customer Success organization. In the short 5 years, the Customer Success organization has grown from a team of one in October 2016 to a team of 70 members by the end of 2021. Locus Robotics' mission is to address these challenges in the supply chain. Locus Robotics had achieved unicorn status in Series E funding in Feb 2021. This year, Locus Robotics was recognized as the Fastest-Growing Private Company in Massachusetts by Boston Business Journal, and awarded the 2021 Global AMR Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan. Locus Robotics has the highest net retention in the robotics industry.

Over the previous 15 years, Jasmine Lombardi has learned a lot about leading a team and using the best strategies to reduce churn and establish a strong customer base. Hiring the right people, empowering them, organizing around the major goals & deliverables, organizing around team concept, focusing on the right goals & measuring them, creating career paths in structure, identifying the strengths and weaknesses and developing the talent, creating structured processes to do things and working by their side are some of Jasmine's key concepts and secrets to her success. Jasmine's exceptional creativity, capacity to recognise changing customer needs and act accordingly for the company's development and the satisfaction of the customer had made her a standout woman leader. IEWL


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Jasmine Lombardi
Chief Customer Officer at Locus Robotics


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