Jennifer Kelly Dominiquini, Founder & CMO of Frontline Strategy Advisors, Most Empowering Women Leaders of 2021 Profile

Jennifer Kelly Dominiquini
Founder & CMO of Frontline Strategy Advisors

Jennifer Kelly Dominiquini, Founder & CMO of Frontline Strategy Advisors, Most Empowering Women Leaders of 2021

“Engaging the Workforce with Effective Strategies”

After many years in a client seat, Jennifer Kelly Dominiquini started Frontline Strategy Advisors to help companies grow. Her advisory work focuses on strategy development, enhancing the client experience, digital transformation, marketing optimization, and leveraging analytics to drive profitable, sustainable growth. While Jennifer s clients come from multiple industries, most recently, her focus has been on financial services and retail, both industries in the throes of change. The company is called Frontline Strategy Advisors since people are key to strategic success. An effective strategy must be informed by and engaged with the workforce, from the corporate teams to the frontlines.

As Chief Marketing Officer, Jennifer’s role is to grow the business by developing new client relationships and deepening relationships with our existing ones. She serves as Chief Storyteller, showcasing how Frontline Strategy Advisors has helped clients design and execute success.

“Our business often partners with like-minded individuals and companies to deliver a complete solution for our clients so I also serve as Chief Partnership Officer. Lastly, I am always looking for new practice areas, tools, or solutions we can develop for our clients, so I often play an innovation role as well.”

After fifteen years in consulting, including eight years overseas and after completing her Executive MBA at the University of Chicago, Jennifer decided to move to the client-side with her first role being Chief Marketing Officer for several divisions of Kmart and Sears (fitness, sporting goods, seasonal and toys). She learned much about data-driven analytics and digital marketing during her retail days. She became Chief Marketing Officer at an interactive company that owned several web properties, including, where she continued to gain a practical understanding of digital marketing. Jennifer was enjoying the strategic challenges of retain until one day she received a call from a recruiter looking to fill a Chief Marketing Officer role for a bank interested in someone who understands digital transformation, digital marketing at a practical level, and someone who can bring lessons learned from other industries. That phone call began Jennifer's pivot into financial services where she has led marketing, digital sales, analytics for several organization including a bank, a credit union and a mortage company. “That made sense to me, since even though I wasn’t a banker there were many lessons learned in retail that were very transferrable to financial services.”

Frontline Strategy Advisors’ mission is to help companies and people thrive through smarter and stronger brands and businesses. Far too often, the role of people is underestimated when it comes to strategy. “Our point of view is that strategy can’t succeed if it not understood and believed throughout the organization. Strategy needs to be simple and each person in the organization needs to understand their role in living it.”

With decades of practical experience in operations, marketing, and management on the client-side in a wide range of industries (from B2B, CPG, retail, financial services, etc.), Jennifer’s team knows how to work across the organization to drive change and growth and takes a practical approach to ensure that plans can be executed. They know what it's like to implement a strategy when resources are constrained or times are tough. “Our services include strategic plan development, market experimentation, digital capability building, marketing budget optimization, solution development, client experience enhancements and more,” explains Jennifer. “In some cases, we serve as a fractional member of the team to fill in for an open role and in other cases we serve as an outside advisor to ask the tough questions and challenge the status quo to help the company see new perspectives and opportunities.”

Frontline Strategy Advisors is all about relationships, so Jennifer’s role in helping the company develop long-time relationships with the clients. They are always staying on top of trends in the industry to evolve their offerings and ensure that they keep relevant to client needs.

“One thing I have learned is that there is no one perfect path in a career.

Everything is additive. When it comes to a career journey, its progress not perfection. It may have felt rocky at times but every single step in my career has laddered up to a larger big picture.” Jennifer adds, “I have learned to be grateful for each step of the way, learn from my lessons learned, work to my strengths but challenge them and build on them along the way. Lastly, I have tried to remain grateful for every experience, whether positive or less than so. With a positive outlook and an attitude of gratitude I find that I enjoy my journey, challenges and opportunities even more.” IEWL


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Jennifer Kelly Dominiquini
Founder & CMO
Frontline Strategy Advisors


We work closely with our clients through a collaborative approach designed to not only achieve business outcomes but to transfer required strategic or marketing skills to your organization. Our approach embraces a mix of analytic rigor and breakthrough creative thinking. To get started, clients often hire us to conduct a strategic audit to assess how much the corporate or brand strategy is embraced by the front line and across the organization.

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