Jennifer Nardicchio, Director of Marketing of Element Materials Technology, Most Empowering Women Leaders of 2021 Profile

Jennifer Nardicchio
Director of Marketing of Element Materials Technology

Jennifer Nardicchio, Director of Marketing of Element Materials Technology, Most Empowering Women Leaders of 2021

“A pacesetting leader who turns challenges into opportunities”

Jennifer Nardicchio joined Element in 2020 after many years as a marketing leader in the automotive industry. In her short time at Element so far she has transformed the structure and functionality of the marketing department, effectively centralizing the marketing team to allow all of Element's business segments and their many new acquisitions access to the same marketing resources. Her efforts have helped to ensure that branding is consistent across the Americas and that Element’s many geographically separated laboratories have proper marketing support. Jennifer notes, “My goal is to establish a marketing center of excellence, that delivers great support and customer service to all our business units in the Americas”.

Element provides product and materials testing and certification services, along with advisory support, to a wide range of industries in verticals such as aerospace and defense, connected technologies, life sciences, transportation, industrials, and environmental monitoring. It tests everything from jet engines to electric car batteries, hearing aids to 5G devices, hand sanitizers, water, and food products at its hundreds of facilities throughout the world. Element collaborates with all parts of the supply chain to ensure that products fulfill manufacturer specifications and are fit for use in the marketplace. Additionally, Element offers a variety of services, ranging from consulting to custom testing, to assist manufacturers in understanding and meeting the regulatory standards that apply to their products.

“Just as in the real estate industry, ‘location’ is everything, at Element it's all about the ‘people’. Our technicians are at the forefront of their respective scientific fields, and I want to empower the marketing team to be on the cutting edge of marketing industry trends.”

One of the most interesting factors of Element's marketing is showcasing its specialists' thought leadership and trustworthiness. Element employs the industry's most experienced engineers and technicians, and Jennifer Nardicchio and her marketing team are responsible for proactively communicating Element's expertise to potential clients across all verticals in a clear and straightforward manner. Both teams work hand in hand to exemplify the company’s purpose of “making tomorrow safer than today.” Element's aim is to deliver the right message to the right individuals at the right moment. They achieve this by utilizing media that is at the forefront of the marketing industry, along with periodicals, tradeshows, email, social media channels, and pay-per-click advertising. Element relies on its marketing team to create campaigns that connect with a diverse client base. As such, it is critical that the marketing organization is aligned with internal thought leaders to ensure key messages are communicated properly and understood by their technical audience.

“Just as in the real estate industry, ‘location’ is everything, at Element it's all about the ‘people’”, said Jennifer. Of course, machinery and computer programs are used in Element's services, but the technicians and engineers with truly cutting-edge technical knowledge who understand how to execute these tests and analyze the results are invaluable. “Element's ability to be a full-service partner for manufacturers is another major differentiator,” comments Nardicchio. Within its own labs around the world, Element can test a wide range of products, materials, and systems, and provide advisory support for regulatory and compliance testing. It enables Element to work end-to-end with customers throughout the entire product development process, as well as test a wide range of goods for the same manufacturer. Element is also involved in the testing of first responder equipment, such as those used by EMTs, police officers, and firefighters. During the pandemic, Element even assisted in the efficacy testing for disinfectants and hand sanitizers against COVID-19. Element is well-positioned to fulfill future market needs, so they continue to innovate and enhance new technologies before they reach the wider public.

“People are our most important asset,” Jennifer says, “and their feelings and expectations really matter to me. It is important to me to spend regular time with team members at all levels to learn about what is working well, what they enjoy most about their roles, and where we have the opportunity to grow. This includes everything from internal resources like equipment and advanced software to external resources like training from experts in the marketplace. Implementing these efforts and advancements will help keep the team on the forefront of the latest processes and marketing channels and inspire personal development.” Jennifer Nardicchio always keeps a positive attitude and looks at a challenge as an opportunity. Jennifer’s broad vision has set the pace for her team to be recognized as the marketing center of excellence, whose members work every day to showcase the future of the Element Materials Technology brand. IEWL


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Jennifer Nardicchio
Director of Marketing of
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The Element Materials Technology Group is one of the world’s leading global providers of testing, inspection, and certification services for diverse products, materials, and technologies in advanced industrial supply chains where failure in use is not an option.

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