Jody Niemann, VP of People and Culture of umcampus, Top 10 Inspiring Women Leaders of 2022 Profile

Jody Niemann
VP of People and Culture
Utah Motorsports Campus

Jody Niemann, VP of People and Culture of umcampus, Top 10 Inspiring Women Leaders of 2022

Jody Niemann, VP of People and Culture at Utah Motorsports Campus, has been a pioneer and advocate of women success throughout her life. A former LPGA tour player turned NCAA Division I Women’s Collegiate Coach and single mom of two boys is now currently an inspiring female executive in the motorsport industry.

Jody joined the UMC team in December of 2018. Since then she has been instrumental in providing energy, culture and solution oriented teamwork to the organization. She inspires and motivates others thru her contagious personality, passion and heart.

Raised by determined, strong and high powered parents; Jody learned the importance of accountability, responsibility, hard work and respect at a young age while working the family business and competing in multiple sports. Her passion gravitated to the golf industry and quickly she found herself competing amongst men and women alike. Through competition she learned success is not handed to you but earned based on dedication, knowledge and never giving up. Her parents, mentors and coaches throughout her career has helped her to acquire leadership qualities of collaboration, transparency, and empowerment.

“Being a female in male driven industries is a blast. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Every day there is a challenge to find solutions for operational challenges, company culture disruptions and employee struggles. Every day I am given the opportunity to lead by example and to also learn from those around me. To have the opportunity to support the company success the way I do is fulfilling but to have my children watch my personal and professional success and then engage in learning from me is the biggest success I could have ever dreamed of.”

Utah Motorsports Campus is an event venue providing clients and guests to experience motorsport activities leisurely and competitively. 512 acres of fast fun, entertainment, corporate events, trainings, races, weddings, and so much more.

“I get asked all the time why I went from golf to motorsports. I have two boys who had zero interest in golf and all the passion in the world towards motorsports so I did the unthinkable and transferred into a whole new industry knowing I could make a difference one way or another. The fun part about being at UMC with this team is that they inspire me too.”

Company culture and love for people in general spills out of Jody when you speak with her. She continues to push herself and her knowledge so she continues to grow as an inspiring leader to those around her and to so many women she has had the pleasure of supporting towards their dreams and goals.

“People are amazing. The knowledge and experiences we have in life and what we learn from one another is incredible. I will continue to do my best in leading, coaching and inspiring others. It’s easy to keep myself and my children on track towards goals but to be able to mentor others and see them succeed is awesome. When I joined UMC there was not a company culture established and so to create that together with the team and to see it grow like it has is encouraging. We have lots to improve on still but the strength of our team is in the hearts of our people.”

Keep your eye on Utah Motorsports Campus as the plans and growth sounds exciting. When you visit the 512 acre venue and experience all the fast fun on campus ask to meet Jody Niemann. As crazy as it sounds she makes time for everyone that needs her at UMC. From an employee who wants to talk with her about career pathing to a guest whose expectation is not being met – Jody will be there to find the solution and ensure success is achieved.

If this means she is up all night to ensure she completes her own goals for the day and continues towards her own success – well – “that is what she does” says her children. WL


Utah Motorsports Campus


Jody Niemann
VP of People and Culture
Utah Motorsports Campus


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