Kara Stewart Mullens, CEO and Co-founder of NeuroBiologix, Best Successful CEOs of 2021 Profile

Kara Stewart
CEO and Co-founder of NeuroBiologix

Kara Stewart Mullens, CEO and Co-founder of NeuroBiologix, Best Successful CEOs of 2021

“Making Life Better”

Kara Stewart-Mullens, CEO and Co-founder of Neurobiologix, Inc., began her journey in marketing and sales 40+ years ago. She has always been a go-getter, who wanted to make her own money, not just from chores but from working or selling something she had. “I come from a family of doctors who worked round-the-clock and as you know if you have kids, you want to be like your parents. I was the girl on the corner selling lemonade every weekend, selling pens and pads I brought back from the medical tradeshows I attended with my Dad to my friends on the playground until I got in trouble for selling my 5th grade friends items with prescription drug names on them,” she says. “All this energy and drive to give another person something they may need led me to where I am today and that feeling of accomplishment when one of our products is purchased still makes me happy.”

Kara’s goal has always been to incorporate her company, make a difference in the lives of others, and at the same time have fun doing it. Working with her older brother, Dr. Kendal Stewart, MD, and creating a business that helps people overcome challenging health issues has been amazing. “Hearing that their lives or a child’s life has changed for the better is something that is hard to describe. It is absolute joy that their life is better.”

Talking about empowering women, Kara says Neurobiologix has seven amazing women working together who ensure that the company is operational in the perfect manner. “We do have men in our company as well but I love to offer women growth in a company to help create our vision,” she says. “Before Neurobiologix, I worked in a very man centric work environment. I pushed and crawled my way to the top but it shouldn’t have been that hard. I want to offer women a great place to work, have fun at what they do and see that what they are doing as well is to make people’s lives better.” She adds, “I share our company goals, monthly sales and my vision with everyone, and sometimes would be left out of ‘Upper Management’ conversations at past jobs so at Neurobiologix I share our future for the company and what we are doing about it.”

Neurobiologix was born out of a need for clean, unique products, first for the autism sector, then grew to be a boutique nutrition company with products for everyone. Kara and her brother, Dr. Stewart—an incredible biochemist—started back in 2009 private labeling other companies’ products, but he was never satisfied with those products. He wanted these unique combinations that no one had made. “One day, I said to him to give me a formula he wants. I learned about the manufacturing business, already knew what I needed about marketing, and soon we had 5 of our products to sell on the 1st website I built,” says Kara. “5 doesn’t sound like much, but it was the birth of our true company. My brother designs the formulas, and I work to bring them to market and spread the word.” With nutrition, there are always bumps in the road. “The product came out discolored, or a raw ingredient is not available. It is the most challenging inventory game I have ever worked in. You run out of a product; you have let so many people down. I try my hardest not to let that happen.”

According to Kara, a lot is going on at Neurobiologix, and for the days to come, they are looking towards more. “Our medical doctor customer base has really picked up over the years and we are expanding distribution in to several new countries such as Asia, Egypt and the Middle East,” says Kara. “We move in to our new and bigger offices/warehouse in November to expand our private label division and growth has been a blessing even during COVID. After 12 years I see no slowing down but only going up. We have been very blessed.” .IE




Kara Stewart
CEO and Co-founder


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