Kerry Lee Perry, Chief Marketing Officer of IPG, Top 10 Inspiring Women Leaders of 2022 Profile

Kerry Lee Perry
Chief Marketing Officer

Kerry Lee Perry, Chief Marketing Officer of IPG, Top 10 Inspiring Women Leaders of 2022

"A Self-made, Pioneering Leader"

Having worked in the healthcare industry for over 20 years, Kerry Lee Perry has been extremely fortunate to partner with Fortune 500 companies like 3M and private equity backed IPG. She attributes the success she has brought to IPG to many factors, one of them being the knowledge and implementation of best practices she has tried and tested from her experience in these different environments. Kerry’s ability to connect with internal and external stakeholders and build strong, trusting relationships at all levels have made her a critical part of the IPG Executive team. Her ability to strategize and implement across roles has led to the evolution of her position as head of Marketing, including oversight of Strategic Operations and key company initiatives. Building the Marketing team from the ground up, she has assisted in the significant growth and profitability of the company year-over-year, leading them to be named a record eight times on the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies. She was also a key player in the recent transaction deal for IPG.

Kerry has a rare mix of combining strategic thinking with a no-nonsense, get it done approach. She is motivated by achieving results through her efforts and successful collaboration with others. She is a big believer in prioritization and understanding the impact of all activities to ensure focus on targeted initiatives to drive revenue and growth that directly align with overall company goals and objectives and implementing agile strategies that have worked and continue to work for the specific needs of IPG to achieve great success.

IPG is transforming a $160 Billion Dollar Healthcare Market that addresses surgical cost and quality.

As a steadfast leader, she has been advocating for and lifting up others. In her mind, this is even more important for women and women entrepreneurs. She is a member of several groups and networks dedicated to supporting, sharing information and resources, and expanding the networks and opportunities for women leaders and entrepreneurs.

Kerry prides herself in leading by example. She recognizes the successes of others, identifying and growing their strengths and encouraging them to express their ideas and opinions to maximize their potential. Building strong, trusting relationships is the center of Kerry’s ability to be seen and utilized as an invaluable resource and sounding board for others. She has successfully mentored and advocated for team members at all levels and others in her network to grow and advance their careers.

She has had an impressive career to date. Since beginning in the workforce, she has taken very intentional and successful steps to get to today. “One of those steps was good old fashioned hard work and professionalism; prove yourself to earn respect and build as many relationships and advocates as possible throughout your career, and never burn bridges - people you have worked with should be your most powerful and important advocates, and key to your future growth opportunities,” she says. Her advice, “never fall into a defined box or role, or turn down an opportunity to expand your value; find opportunities to connect with as many aspects of the organization like Finance, Sales, Operations, IT etc. to establish yourself as a valuable resource and a key connectivity point within the organization; be strategic, but know how to effectively execute on that strategy, and make sure you put your efforts where the biggest impact to the business lies – the 80:20 rule.” Kerry has led the company toward great heights, armed with this unique attitude.

From day one, IPG has been laser-focused on lowering the overall cost of healthcare. Their biggest achievement has been their ability to deliver on this commitment while still creating significant value for their stakeholders.

For their health plan partners, they have been able to recognize significant savings while at the same time offering more affordable, high-quality surgical care for their members; for their manufacturer partners, a new distribution channel; and for their healthcare providers, the ability to increase their volume and types of procedures they perform to increase their revenue and deliver the best of care for their patients.

Kerry has been influenced by many great people through the building years of her leadership journey. She calls herself extremely fortunate to have been born and to grow up in Zimbabwe, Africa, which she says is the foundation of who she is today. Her move to America forced her to step completely out of her comfort zone, which taught her adaptability, strength of character and the ability to embrace whatever comes her way. Kerry’s goal is never to rest on her laurels. There is always more to learn, better ways to do things, and more to challenge herself to achieve. Whatever the goal, position, and company, her priority is always to feel passionate and energized by what she is doing and have great relationships and mutual respect with those she is doing it with. WL




Kerry Lee Perry
Chief Marketing Officer


As the leading provider of Surgical Cost Management Solutions in the US, IPG is delivering on its mission of improving the quality and affordability of surgical care.

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