Lija Wierieszczinskaja, CEO & Accountable Manager at Jet Management San Marino, Top 10 Women Leaders in Aviation of 2022 Profile

Lija Wierieszczinskaja
CEO & Accountable Manager
Jet Management San Marino

Lija Wierieszczinskaja, CEO & Accountable Manager at Jet Management San Marino, Top 10 Women Leaders in Aviation of 2022

“Everyone is a unique person”

Jet Management San Marino was born out of years of collecting knowledge, practices, and experience to come in these days and call themselves with pride “We are a small boutique operator.” Lija Wierieszczinskaja, CEO & Accountable Manager, Jet Management San Marino, always had a clear vision about how she wants the people feel like and what kind of environment she wanted. It took time to form an effective team trusting the vision, responding to her ideas then extending the team spirit further to the customers. “Our transformation process was a true journey driven by a natural desire every time to become better through continues learning process,” she says. “I am taking this wonderful opportunity to remind that profits come only with a client; make sure that your client is in the right hands.”

Lija’s customer service philosophy is based on the strong values of " serving our client with dignity” and " hearing the client.” It is a history of conscious transformation based on extended awareness of the client’s needs. It started in 2015 as their customers are a focus of the business forming their values - “Our Customer does not make a number, our customer makes priority.” The goals changed from one to another throughout the entire time, but the direction remained certain building always a path to be there.

Considering that business Aviation is a male-dominated industry, Lija had to make her way to be there, which is not about just putting every effort to win in achieving successful numbers. “My way is about making the sustained effort into growing passion of the team for pursuit of true excellence in delivering unique customer service,” she explains. “‘Every’ effort vs ‘sustainable’ effort, the last, sometimes makes a way more complex from the first glance but the one which creates more favorable preconditions for more achievements.”

As a transformational leader, Lija sees everyone as a unique person with their potential. Taking responsibility for their life their performance is an essential key element of a leader. She creates a work environment where people are trusted to make their own conscious decisions, where they learn more about their worth and gain their confidence. It is also important to share glory for every company's success, letting the team understand the value they add to the company processes.

According to Lija, getting success is a journey, which has no bound time set, “the sooner we take control over it the better off we will be. What to control exactly? I see two important things: to set the goals and remain resourceful to hold the vision along all the way.” She says as leadership affects success, there is also another way around. “Having fulfilment from what we do replenishes our energy resources for our accomplishments. Here this is only a way—do what you love or love what you do.”

“When a leader inspires the team to follow, the leader takes full responsibility for the outcome, no matter it is success or failure in the end. When it comes to admitting ultimate responsibility, I do not see it differently concerning gender. The role assumes it in full,” explains Lija. “Team matters” directly relate to the company success.”

Jet Management San Marino’s vision became complete, it grew naturally through the day-to-day operations, they just put it as a statement: “successful operations are driven by customer service philosophy, the work environment which allow people feel special and valued, encouraging personal motivation, developing mindset and excellent attitude towards performance.” “We are there, having a highly motivated team of professionals striving for excellence in service not in the quantity of the fleet.”

For the days to come, She believes that Customer Service is a competence which has to be imprinted in the company processes, throughout every department. The more organization invests in its efficiency the more ways to win customer’s loyalty which is priceless.

Lija will get more into personal coaching on a personal level, as she believes in how much difference happy people can make to business development. “In the first place, the people have to deal with their self-awareness and understand what makes them truly fulfilled/ inspired. Taking the right path results in getting inner balance, conscious decisions, efficient performance, taking challenges with joy and confidence,” she says. “Truly happy people vibrate in such a way that they magnetise the opportunities and become wanted; they have high chances for success in their lives and their careers.” WL / / +41(0)79 669 6049

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Lija Wierieszczinskaja
CEO & Accountable Manager
Jet Management San Marino


Jet Management Group was born out of years of collecting knowledge, practices and experience so today we can say with pride that we are a “small boutique operator”. Jet Management San Marino is a great idea to put together all experience gained by its mother company Jet Management Geneva over years, since 2015 and the new opportunities coming along with T7 operations.

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