Lili Delalat, CEO & CIO at Artis Energy, Most Empowering Women Leaders of 2021 Profile

Lili Delalat
CEO & CIO at Artis Energy

Lili Delalat, CEO & CIO at Artis Energy, Most Empowering Women Leaders of 2021

“Energy Efficiency Expert”

The key to success at Artis Energy has been the company’s ability to adapt and grow in the ever-changing energy landscape. They have accomplished this by building a flexible, state-of-the-art Analytics platform. “We decided very early on to invest in people with strong background not only in technology but also in data science and analytics. Our algorithms morph challenges into analytical patterns that easily become solutions and add-on features to the platform,” says Lili Delalat, CEO & CIO at Artis Energy. “The ability to introduce new features based on customers’ needs in a timely fashion has given Artis Energy a competitive edge in the market.” And Lili has been a big motivation for the same.

“Artis Energy™, through its subsidiaries Artis Energy Intelligence and Artis Energy Solutions, brings a unique combination of analytics, technology and energy industry expertise together to analyze, develop and implement energy management strategies that meet the unique business and building needs of its commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental customers.”

Lili started as a reliability engineer, where she designed fault tolerance algorithms for computer chips. “I loved engineering, and I loved my life in Silicon Valley, but my career took a turn when my husband accepted a tenure position at Rutgers University,” she says. “And a good wife that I am, I followed him to the East Coast with stack of books on finance, trading, and C++ programming in hand. That’s when I started my new career as a technologist in Wall Street. Working in such a fast-paced environment made me realize that I had a knack in managing multiple projects simultaneously, putting out fires, and enjoying coming up with quick solutions to The never-ending demands from the trading floors.” The realization and the ability to not ever drop the ball, no matter how many in her hands, prioritizing on the fly, and following through carved the way for Lili to take on more and more responsibilities. Armed with this experience, the steadfast leader has taken the company to new heights.

Artis Energy’s mission is to simplify energy management by introducing a comprehensive view of its energy profile to clients. They analyze their clients’ energy patterns to gain insight into their carbon emission, energy efficiency, and cost profile and assist them with actionable recommendations to achieve their goals in these areas.

Artis Energy Intelligence provides two parallel service offerings. For customers who are just starting to focus on energy management, their Energy Consulting offerings provide transparency into cost and energy savings opportunities, identify energy management challenges, and clears the path to achieving continuous carbon emission and cost reductions. Customers looking to employ advanced energy management strategies, need increased transparency into day-to-day energy usage, or are interested in tracking and centralizing their energy management initiatives offer a cloud-based, real-time energy monitoring platform RTIS®.

The company keeps a close eye on industry challenges, State and Federal energy goals, and programs. They use direct feedback from clients to bring new value propositions to the energy analytics space.

They have also driven and participated in several widescale utility pilot programs focused on identifying and implementing new cost-effective energy management techniques.

• They employ a proactive approach to product and service improvements, pushing regular updates to our RTIS® SaaS customers, and whenever possible, leveraging their client’s feedback to guide product development initiatives.

•They build trust through transparency and continuous support. Often, RTIS® customers elect to work with their Managed Services support team to drive continuous improvements and bring to light problems before they impact the bottom line.

• From a product design perspective, RTIS® is built to be hardware and Building Management System agnostic. Suppose a customer has already made investments in energy management or would like to build a foundation to grow energy management practices over time. In that case, their platform is set up to support their evolving needs at any stage of the lifecycle.

Artis Energy’s tagline “Listen to you Building™” speaks of their goal in client engagements; let the data speak for itself. They work with clients to find the right platform setup or consulting service to solve their unique challenges on a facility-by-facility basis. “Energy management can become an expensive undertaking, and in fact, many simple BMS installations can quickly run deep into the 6-figure range. We right size our service offerings for our client’s needs and energy savings potential to ensure that our clients realize an immediate and compounding return on investment.”

Artis Energy Intelligence (AEI) has grown from a small CT-based company focusing on single facility and meter deployments to serving fortune 100 customers in a global setting in the past six years. AEI is expanding its sustainability tracking and automated anomaly detection algorithms to provide more profound energy efficiency opportunities to customers. IEWL


Artis Energy


Lili Delalat
CEO & CIO at Artis Energy


Artis Energy Intelligence utilizes its patented energy analytics platform, RTIS®, to deliver the real-time visibility and insights that our customers need to secure meaningful energy savings, satisfy sustainability goals, identify operational improvements and evaluate energy investment opportunities.

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