Margo Chernysheva, Founder of MC Law Group, Top Women Business Founders of 2021 Profile

Margo Chernysheva
Founder of MC Law Group

Margo Chernysheva, Founder of MC Law Group, Top Women Business Founders of 2021

Margo is the Managing Partner of MC Law Group—an Immigration Law practice where she and her team have an “all for one, one for all” attitude in the tireless pursuit of assisting clients with their business and immigration needs. It is as a direct result of Margo’s extensive experience in her professional and personal career that all concoct her to the epitome of a successful practice in Immigration Law.

Margo’s insurmountable expertise in immigration law comes from not only her professional and educational experience but also her personal experience as an immigrant herself. In 1992, after leaving a deteriorating Soviet Union with just two suitcases, Margo immigrated to the US to seek a brighter future.

After arriving to the United States and experiencing all the hardship new immigrants must experience, Margo learned English, went to school to earn a university degree in International Business and Economics and rose through the ranks with Pfizer Pharmaceutical—eventually serving as a senior procurement chain manager in just the first 10 years after immigrating.

Later, Margo decided to go to law school at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, William S. Boyd School of Law.

As a finance and sourcing manager as well as an immigrant, Margo's legal passion naturally led her to immigration law practice with business and investment visa concentration. Since 2009, she has been helping businesses and people from all over the globe with their family and corporate immigration law needs. From Business Plans to reviewing I-9 audits to H1B worker visas and E-2/EB-5 investor visas and fiancée/family petitions, Margo and her team have been helping companies big and small as well as individual investors and families to achieve their American Dream.

In her years of legal experience, Margo has developed her skills in a niche market. According to IBIS World, there are around 450,000 (443,558) law firms in the US, of which only 11,000 (10,573) practice immigration law. This means that only 2% of law firms in the US have expertise in immigration law specifically. Even rarer, Attorney Margo specializes in business immigration, which puts her in a category of less than 1% of all specialists in the legal profession. She is licensed by the California State Bar as an Immigration Law Specialist and is one of a very small group of legal professionals to achieve an AV rating.

Even though Margo’s expertise had been constantly developing over the years, none was a larger task than tackling immigration in the post COVID era. Since the start of the COVID pandemic, Margo’s expertise has truly been put to the test with the stringent travel restrictions put in place. She has had to strategically finetune her expertise even further to rise to the challenge—helping numerous clients return to the United States or return home during this global pandemic.

While the legal forecast may not always be consistent, one fundamental truth remains: Margo’s commitment to life-long learning and love for American Democratic Process, which keeps her enthusiastic about her passion for helping people.  Her commitment to assisting others achieve their American Dream is her life-long mission. Margo considers it her contribution to the U.S. society to bring happiness by uniting separated families and allowing U.S. employers to gain a competitive market advantage through tapping into the global labor market by utilizing her extensive knowledge and experience in immigration law. IEWL


MC Law Group


Margo Chernysheva
Founder of MC Law Group


Immigration laws are constantly changing, which makes it difficult for anyone to handle their immigration issues on their own. Fortunately, the skilled lawyers at MC Law Group are here to help. We assist both individuals and businesses with E-1 and E-2 investor visas, employment immigration law, EB-5 investor visas, fiancé visas, and more.

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