Mary Kotch, EVP & CIO of Core Specialty Insurance Holdings, Best CIOs of 2021 Profile

Mary Kotch
EVP CIO at Core Specialty Insurance Holdings

Mary Kotch, EVP & CIO of Core Specialty Insurance Holdings, Best CIOs of 2021

“A Technology Specialist”

Mary Kotch, EVP CIO, Core Specialty Insurance Holdings, excels at building relationships within the organization. This includes the technology and business partners. She uses the latest advancements in technology, such as Data Visualization and Design Thinking, Multi-Cloud Infrastructure (AWS, Azure, etc.), Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Engineering, Software Development, and Data Governance. This approach helps organizations become innovative and modern while leaning into technology as a competitive advantage. At Core Specialty, she modernizes all aspects of the business with five strategic partners, Duck Creek, Workday, Genpact, and Microsoft.

Mary first fell in love with technology as an undergraduate at Penn State University, taught Fortran coding. She used to collect stipends for creating databases. “I fell in love with aggregating data, looking at it, and doing statistics with data for professors. It landed me a fellowship into Temple Law, and I continue to do that work,” she explains. From there, Mary continued to teach while landing her first job with Fortune 500 company MetLife. She eventually worked as the CTO for insurance giant AIG. Being a former CTO helped Kotch excel as CIO for Validus before bringing her experience and talent to Core Specialty. She enjoys transforming and modernizing outdated insurance systems.

Many companies are in this predicament because of legacy portfolios like VSAM and COBOL developers. Baby boomers are retiring, and the younger insurance startups cannot find the skill set to modernize these systems. At Core Specialty, Mary is engineering the office of the future. She implements new business solutions for all the technologies and securities at the forefront, including a new security-operations team. She’s got some of the best vendors in the industry, Workday, Microsoft, Duck Creek, Dark Trace, Qumodity, Access Point, Focus Consulting, FTTS, partnering to deliver this transformational approach.

Mary is one of the best, most loving, giving, and caring people you will ever meet. Not only is she a total badass in the technology field, but she is also a mom, wife, educator, STEM robotics teacher. She is gifted with the knowledge of technology and cybersecurity as well as the drive and determination needed to excel in a "men's world." She has been featured on multiple media outlets on women in technology and always pushes other women to their success and builds them up. She is consistently conducting workshops to help women embrace themselves as a person and align with their goals. She has mentored hundreds of women since the start of her career.

Mary’s mom and Madeleine Albright have a very important role in her life. “If you have never heard Secretary Albright speak before, you may assume that her speeches are academic or only policy based. But the former secretary often opens her speech with humorous anecdotes,” says Mary. On the other hand, Mary’s mom was a nurse and an innate educator, and both women intertwined humor with life lessons. Both women broke barriers in their careers but always put family first. Both women were educated and accomplished women who spoke their minds and worked to better the world. Albright proved that education and hard work could allow one to accomplish great things. They inspired Mary to become the leader she has culminated into today, leading the company to great heights.

Core Specialty Insurance Holdings, Inc. ("Core Specialty" or the "Company") announced today that it had completed the recapitalization of StarStone U.S. Holdings, Inc. ("StarStone U.S."). The recapitalization was led by SkyKnight Capital, L.P. ("SkyKnight"), Dragoneer Investment Group ("Dragoneer"), and Aquiline Capital Partners LLC ("Aquiline," and together with SkyKnight and Dragoneer, the "Investors"). Enstar Group Limited (NASDAQ: ESGR) ("Enstar") has received a combination of cash consideration and shares in Core Specialty as part of the recapitalization. Core Specialty is embarking on a brand-new technology platform and replacing 100% of all business processes and solutions. Starstone had over 1800 + business solutions, and we are moving to four next-generation platforms in less than two years. All their business solutions will be retired at Enstar for an agile, modern approach. IEWL


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Mary Kotch
EVP CIO at Core Specialty Insurance Holdings


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