Megan McInnis, Director of Finance at ThinkOn, Most Inspiring Finance Leaders of 2021 Profile

Megan McInnis
Director of Finance at ThinkOn

Megan McInnis, Director of Finance at ThinkOn, Most Inspiring Finance Leaders of 2021

“A Transformational Leader”

Megan McInnis, Director of Finance, ThinkOn, is excellent at communicating. She is very team-oriented. She can build strong coalitions and establish mutual trust. Megan gains respect in the organization through her strong commitment to the organization, integrity, and work ethic. She leads by example. Whenever Megan makes decisions’, she ensures she has a clear and full understanding of how the Team got to the recommended option, the risks, and the rewards. She is a visionary and can balance short-term vision and long-term results.

Like many women entrepreneurs, Megan's road to success wasn't without its obstacles. As a young single mother working at a call center, she faced many financial, educational, and emotional hurdles on her career path. Her advice to other aspiring women entrepreneurs is, “believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who believe in you. Believing in yourself and the power of positivity, allows women entrepreneurs to become confident and overcome hardships.” Megan would not be an Inspiring woman leader today if it were not for the guidance and encouragement of her mother—who is also her role model—whose ideologies have helped Megan take the company to new heights.

ThinkOn has developed several unique approaches to the data management and information asset protection market centered around the channel, vendor partnerships, and commitment to data management competence. Unlike most service providers, ThinkOn delivers its services exclusively through a network of independent resellers and OEM channel partners. This approach to customer acquisition and service delivery allows ThinkOn to leverage in-place sales teams and focus on delivering the highest quality service possible. ThinkOn’s approach to vendor partnerships has allowed them to engage the same software providers that their reseller partners sell, creating a scenario where each reseller can offer each of their customers a continuum of capabilities – from software licensing to a customer desiring to build and operate their data protection services through to complete outsourcing of data protection “as a service.” Whether it's data backup, archiving, or high-performance storage services, ThinkOn maintains a deep bench of industry experts who work closely with vendors, channel partners, and customers.

ThinkOn focuses on delivering a combination of cost leadership for mature services such as data backup and new product entrants ThinkOn is focused on optimizing the data management and search processes with the goal being to enable real-time, full-content searching without the need to physically read the source data files thus ensuring these files are constantly air-gapped and stored in an immutable form. “We believe that the most appropriate way to protect data and the information contained within is to minimize the frequency that its needs to be directly interacted with and for this reason we are developing industry leading capabilities to address this opportunity,” adds Megan.

ThinkOn is an early adopter of new technology. They do not adopt technology simply because it is new but instead look for ways to integrate new features into their “as a service” experience that they offer to the subscribers through their channel partners. “We work closely with industry leading vendors to adopt their technology to the service provider market. We have used our own investments in our quote to cash system, data indexing and secure off-line storage to build unique solutions for our subscribers,” explains Megan. “We are especially focused on fully homomorphic encryption at this time as it provides a significant advantage in the area of data protection for both very long-term retention and secure collaboration.”

By the end of 2021, ThinkOn, a subset of its key suppliers and focus channel partners, will deliver a real-time data analysis and indexing service that will allow collaboration between related and unrelated parties without the risk of accidental data leakage able typically associated with complex data-sharing initiatives. ThinkOn is committed to establishing the most cost-effective and streamlined portfolio of data management services. “Our quote to cash system—Compass is a platform designed to support the scaling of the ThinkOn business and allow us to enter new markets and new products.” IEWL




Megan McInnis
Director of Finance at ThinkOn


ThinkOn delivers critical data management and information asset protection solutions that help companies optimize their IT infrastructure investment. We help organizations leverage cloud technology to maximize compute, network, and storage resources. We work with vendor partners to deliver secure, fast, and scalable solutions.

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