Naomi Cramer, Senior Human Resources Executive of Banner Health, Most Empowering Women Leaders of 2021 Profile

Naomi Cramer
Senior Human Resources Executive of Banner Health

Naomi Cramer, Senior Human Resources Executive of Banner Health, Most Empowering Women Leaders of 2021

“Caring for People”

When Banner Health recruited Naomi Cramer, they were looking for someone to bring a fresh perspective to the organization. Naomi was coming from the retail industry, and admits she had a great deal to learn about the health care sector. But always open to new ideas, a quick learner, and someone that genuinely cares for people, are all traits that Naomi has used to propel Banner Health to become an employer of the future and stay a step ahead of the competition.

Working her way from middle management to senior leadership positions in her retail career wasn’t without its challenges for Naomi, her husband and their children. As she was being promoted, Naomi was relocated to five different cities and her positions required extensive travel. “I had the courage to say that I wasn’t willing to give up my family to achieve my career and I’m grateful that I had a mentor and boss that could help me do both,” she said.

Naomi said her mantra has always been to be your best self and your true self. “I tell those that I’m mentoring to focus not on their weaknesses but on their strengths, and to love their teams,” she said. “That’s a shift for me because I grew up with a great mother who was a perfectionist. It wasn’t until after I had my first daughter, who has a disability, that I realized how ’perfect‘ really is imperfect. I’ve come to realize that you need to be your best self and rejoice in the perfection of imperfection.”

Naomi's inspiration is her paternal grandmother who grew up with little means in a home with 15 siblings and no running water. Despite having a difficult life, Naomi said her grandmother was grateful for everything, and full of optimism and joy. Her example taught Naomi important lessons about family, love, and hard work that have helped her develop into the leader she is today.

Naomi also learned a lot as she advanced in her career. “One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in my career is when a woman is direct, it’s looked upon differently than when a man is direct,” she said. “I’ve also learned if you soften a message too much, it can lose its meaning. So, I cultivate relationships first, so people know you’ve got their best interest at heart. Then when you’re clear and direct, they know it’s with good intentions.”

Naomi’s team helps Banner Health grow by focusing on its internal customers. “Our team wins Banner’s Customer Obsessed Award every year and I’m very proud of that,” she said. It shows that we can serve our team so that they can, in turn, serve our patients. My team is very engaged and that’s really quite a statement given the volume of work and customers they serve.”

Naomi is also very proud of the innovative programs they are implementing, including a transparent approach to career planning, a career development model, and flexible work schedules.

The mission of Banner Health is to make health care easier, so life can be better. Over the years, Banner Health has become a trusted name in the communities it serves. The company is focused on growing its reach and impact by providing care to customers when and how they need it. Throughout the pandemic, Banner Health saved more than 42,000 lives and administered more than 400,000 vaccines and, at the same time, still managed to grow its business.

Today’s patients want convenience in health care and will select more efficient options to meet their needs when given a choice. Banner Health is committed to offering greater accessibility and comfort, whether in person or online. “Our newer facilities are open extended hours to accommodate the busy lifestyles of our customers and we’re offering a wider variety of medical services, all under one roof,” Naoimi said. “It’s all about creating a great customer experience with a ’yes’ mindset. As we emerge from the pandemic, we believe we are well-positioned for continued growth. We are truly becoming one of the nation’s leaders in health care.” IEWL


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Naomi Cramer
Senior Human Resources Executive of Banner Health


Headquartered in Arizona, Banner Health is one of the largest nonprofit health care systems in the country. The system owns and operates 28 acute-care hospitals, Banner Health Network, Banner – University Medicine, academic and employed physician groups, long-term care centers, outpatient surgery centers and an array of other services; including Banner Urgent Care, family clinics, home care and hospice services, pharmacies and a nursing registry. Banner Health is in six states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada and Wyoming.

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