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Pamela Saechow
Founder & CEO of Ellit Groups

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“Pioneering Unique Healthcare Information Technology”

As CEO of Ellit Groups, Pamela Saechow understands many qualities and characteristics necessary to make an individual a good leader – confident, ethical, disciplined, empathetic, decisive. “I embrace and try to demonstrate those qualities on a daily basis. I do believe, however, that inspiration is the most important leadership trait. To inspire a culture of people who always put client success and the patients they serve first. Inspiration, fueled by passion and purpose, is what drives me. It was inspiration and creativity that resulted in founding Ellit Groups,” she says. “Since patients are our most important purpose, we put care into everything we do as if the patient is personal to us, a family member or friend.”

“We are operational leaders with extensive experience in Healthcare IT Solutions, delivering results for more than two decades to private, public and not-for-profit healthcare and life sciences organizations. Together, we bring your vision to life and achieve business efficiencies that will improve your competitive advantage.”

Pamela has always sought to be a mentor and coach to others. “I have had several exceptional mentors throughout the course of my career who guided me. I feel it’s important to give back, and sharing my knowledge and expertise brings me great satisfaction,” she says. “Over the years, I have provided coaching to a multitude of men and women to enhance their business skills, build self-esteem and confidence and expand their social networks to succeed in their chosen field.”

According to Pamela, it is well known that healthcare organizations are currently facing some of the most difficult challenges in their existence. These organizations struggle every day to provide high-quality care, attract the best healthcare talent, contain cost, comply with state and federal regulations, protect patient’s health data from security breaches, expand services for the convenience of their patients and respond to emergent situations as we have faced with the COVID-19 pandemic. Ellit Groups was founded to help healthcare organizations address these challenges. They are forward thinkers ready to respond to issues, anticipate future needs, and craft solutions to address them.

Ellit Group's mission is to be a leader in bringing together science and art of people, process, technology, and knowledge across Information Systems, Operations, and Vendors. “I seek out the best talent in the healthcare industry to join Ellit Groups. People who possess an entrepreneurial spirit and a relentless passion for delivering quality and doing the right thing for our clients each and every time,” adds Pamela. “We meet routinely to discuss industry trends, regulatory requirements and advances in technology. We then collaborate to refine our roadmap and priorities. We engage in national organizations and with our vast personal networks to stay abreast of what’s on our client’s minds.” With that knowledge, Pamela and her team can continually adjust the solutions to address current problems and proactively plan for the future. “We consistently employ Process Improvement techniques to evaluate our internal operations to stay “Lean,” relevant and efficient.”

On August 3rd, 2020, Brown & Toland Health Clinic went live on Epic’s electronic health record (EHR), following many years on Allscripts’ EHR. Despite a time of heightened social distancing (i.e., in the throes of the global COVID pandemic), Brown & Toland secured Ellit Groups to support their practice leading up to and around go-live. Ellit’s training team met the request – safely and effectively, in person and virtually. “As a senior provider, I’m not very savvy when it comes to new technology. However, I’ve been practicing for 40+ years and take great pride in caring for our patients. It is because of them that I continue in my role. Once Ellit Groups was here, I felt my knowledge and confidence with the system improve. The Ellit staff provided me with a pathway to learn better and develop the skills I needed to be successful and become a proficient user. Within 30 days of my Ellit Training, I now rank in the middle of our group of 24 providers,” says Therese R. Grenchik F.N.P.

Ellit Groups is looking forward to a very bright future. Pamela and her team are visionary and innovative, looking for every opportunity to utilize cutting-edge technology and evidence-based practices to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes. They help organizations transform, ensuring their EHR journeys are focused on opportunities that maximize those investments for their operations and patient centric needs. They see huge opportunities in the areas of Data Management and Analytics – turning big data into useful information; Consumerism – delivering care that’s convenient and more cost-effective for the patient, Telemedicine – virtual visits; Security – protecting the privacy of healthcare information; and technology advances – more high-tech digital devices. “At Ellit Groups we are developing new lines for Data Management and Analytics (including reporting), Security, Downtime Management, Quality Assurance, and Process Improvement among others.” IEWL


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Pamela Saechow
Founder & CEO of Ellit Groups


Ellit Groups is a team of seasoned operational leaders who have been responsible for some of the largest, most complex implementations in integrated healthcare delivery networks.

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