Poornima B, Co-Founder / CEO of InsighTEK Global, Best Women CEOs of 2021 Profile

Poornima B
Co-Founder / CEO of InsighTEK Global

Poornima B, Co-Founder / CEO of InsighTEK Global, Best Women CEOs of 2021


Poornima began her career as a CEO when she had only 7 years of overall work experience. She is a highly competent professional with a track record of building high-quality service delivery systems and processes. She has played a key role in the execution of multiple BOT model projects and has built a solid basis for the company's different critical engagements. Poornima manages the India business of InsighTEK today and is all set to take over the global P&L of the organization. It was not an easy road, but she had the content, drive, and urge to succeed. This provided her with the opportunity to build two huge, well-known recruiting firms in India from the ground up to a turnover of more than $10 million in less than five years. Her company grew to 1000 employees in around three years after she took over the Indian operations, which she had started with nearly nothing. Poornima believes, InsighTEK is set to break all her previous records and will lead the market in the next few years. Poornima has a thorough understanding of the industry and knows how to meet even the most difficult and demanding client requirements. It's an open challenge for her to meet any challenging opportunity in staffing needs of every client on the planet.

InsighTEK is an IT Solutions & Services Company dedicated to providing entire business and technical consulting services that improve the way businesses function. InsighTEK was founded with the goal of making people's lives easier by offering digital transformation as a solution and service to its clients. InsighTEK’s soul and goal are to make people's lives easier. InsighTEK assists both foreign and domestic clients in their transformational efforts. People in India, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Australia, and other nations are influenced by InsighTEK.

InsighTEK strives to make the process as smooth as possible. It has won recurring business from its clients because of the high quality of work it produces and the short turnaround time it maintains. Poornima's ambition is to make InsighTEK a market leader in the next five years, and in the process, to alter the lives of those who are directly or indirectly involved with the company.

Poornima says, Throughout my life, I've been inspired by a variety of people. I tend to pick out the best qualities in the people I meet. My father, from whom I have inherited most of my characteristics, has had the most profound influence on me. I was raised to believe that there are no gender differences, but it wasn't until I started working that I discovered that you must work five times as hard to get half as far, and as a woman, you are always forced to manage many duties. So far, the most difficult element has been learning to juggle and then mastering the juggle. Women leaders are equally dependable, dedicated, committed, trustworthy, and straightforward, but the journey is much more difficult when it comes to fair pay, promotion, additional responsibilities, or even trusting to get an investment, regardless of how good your idea is or how strong your track record is.

Poornima also adds, there is no gender when it comes to leadership lessons! Engage with people who have a positive mindset; being "just right" isn't always enough. It's critical to maintain your belief in order to persuade others to do so as well! Keep your priorities in mind and don't give up when you face a snag. Always have a backup plan, take time to reflect, and restart if something doesn't work out.

InsighTEK creates COE for the most demanding skills and develops competencies to keep ahead of the curve. Clients who work with InsighTEK will notice a significant change when they work with them. A seamless workflow, creative solutions, a unique approach to resolution, and an incredibly honest partnership will allow clients to focus on their core company while InsighTEK handles the task. It's not just about the creative ideas at InsighTEK; it's also about the speed with which they work. The majority of the contracts InsighTEK signed were brought on as a challenge, which Poornima turned into a long-term contract and they have generally been repeated orders, which is quite an achievement and a result of InsighTEK’s positive approach toward customer service. Poornima's aim to succeed, as well as her hard work and commitment, had accomplished her to become a successful CEO. IEWL


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Poornima B
Co-Founder / CEO of InsighTEK Global


InsighTek is an IT Solutions & Services Company, committed to enabling startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, with complete business and technical consulting services that transform the way the business operates. Our expertise in providing software solutions to complex business management and business workflow process problems has enabled and equipped our clients with scalable and flexible solutions that adapt to dynamically changing business processes and requirements.

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