Rebecca Sampson, Director, Marketing - Canadian Division at Teladoc Health, Most Aspiring Women Leaders of 2021 Profile

Rebecca Sampson
Director, Marketing - Canadian Division at Teladoc Health

Rebecca Sampson, Director, Marketing - Canadian Division at Teladoc Health, Most Aspiring Women Leaders of 2021

“Whole-Person Virtual Care for All”

Rebecca oversees marketing and brand execution for the Canadian division of Teladoc Health, the global leader in whole-person virtual care. The Marketing team at Teladoc Health in Canada is responsible for bringing the Teladoc Health brand and multi-product offering to life across the country, with an increasing focus on awareness. As a leader, Rebecca believes in professional development and empowering people's curiosity. She is inviting other approaches, ideas, and mindsets to the organization's solution-oriented methodology.

Rebecca says, “Stay curious!” Whether working at the VP level in financial services, representing the blood system overseas, or now as the head of marketing for the Canadian division of Teladoc Health, she remains tenaciously curious. “During the first lockdown, I taught myself how to build a window seat. Last summer, I started beekeeping and teaching my children about our role in conservation. While those examples may not be directly related to my career, they support me in understanding how things work. Nurturing my curiosity unlocks capabilities that helps me with my job." She also understands that we're all a work in progress. Rebecca aims to learn from the people around her. While she may be in a leadership position, she wants the unique perspectives and opinions of the people she works with and the opportunity to learn from their experiences. “Feedback is a gift, and when we open ourselves up to an honest discussion and embrace improvement as an opportunity, we grow exponentially as humans, personally and professionally.”

“Teladoc Health is the world’s only integrated virtual care system for delivering, enabling, and empowering whole-person health—from wellness and prevention to acute care to complex healthcare needs.”

Wondering what draws people like Rebecca to Teladoc Health? It is one of the world's most experienced and largest virtual health organizations, which means it offers all its technological capabilities to Canadians and localizes them to match their specific needs. Teladoc Health's products also integrate with the public healthcare system and partner through employer insurance plans. Services cover a variety of care options, including telemedicine for non-emergency conditions, mental health services, resources, and expert services that help people make informed decisions with confidence. As a result, Teladoc Health is empowering people worldwide to live their healthiest lives, expediting the adoption of virtual care, and empowering more people and organizations around the globe to access high-quality healthcare.

Throughout her career, Rebecca says, "kindness and compassion didn't always win the day," and reflects on junctures in her career where she observed people thriving by being the opposite. Finding relatable leaders who embody the same meaningful values, believing in trust and teamwork doesn't come easy. She focuses on supporting and celebrating her peers and colleagues, fostering an environment where women lift each other up. "We need to focus on building corporate cultures that set the workplace ecosystem up for success, regardless of gender." Rebecca adds, "in my opinion, becoming a leader is a choice. You don't need to manage a team or lead an organization to be a leader. You choose leadership. Sometimes it's thrust upon us, and even then, the choice in how we respond is ours." IEWL


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Rebecca Sampson
Director, Marketing - Canadian Division at
Teladoc Health


Teladoc Health is on a mission to empower all people everywhere to live healthier lives by transforming the healthcare experience. Recognized as the world leader in whole-person virtual care, Teladoc Health addresses the full spectrum of health and well-being — powered by human expertise, advanced technology and insights—to deliver improved clinical outcomes at scale. Serving more than 175 countries and ranked Best in KLAS for Virtual Care Platforms in 2020, Teladoc Health leverages extensive expertise and data-driven insights to meet the growing healthcare needs of consumers and healthcare professionals.

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