Rhonda Chisenhall, Vice President for Community Development at NCAC, Top 10 Inspiring Women Leaders of 2022 Profile

Rhonda Chisenhall
Vice President for Community Development at Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission

Rhonda Chisenhall, Vice President for Community Development at NCAC, Top 10 Inspiring Women Leaders of 2022

"Leading with Determination"

For anyone to be successful in the organization they serve, they need to be dedicated to its mission. Rhonda Chisenhall is genuinely committed to Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission (NKCAC) and their work to help Northern Kentuckians thrive. To that end, her ability to envision positive outcomes, share stories, and connect the “why” of their work with what they do is critical to building support.

Rhonda’s accuracy, attention to detail, and natural inclination to roll up her sleeves are significant assets to keeping the agency’s programs on track. She is a “big-picture” visionary, but she also can get in the weeds, study the details, build a plan, and execute on it. She’s skilled at making connections among NKCAC’s diverse portfolio of programming and funding – which is where her detailed nature is beneficial.

For the work that NKCAC does in the community, the ability to be forward-looking is essential to fulfilling the mission. Rhonda constantly researches what’s trending in the industry so NKCAC can be positioned for whatever is next. She’s inquisitive and open to trying new initiatives to ensure the agency effectively serves the community. She is a highly skilled networker and is intentional about supporting and joining activities and groups that will further the mission of NKCAC.

Rhonda is also an inspirational and motivational leader, colleague, mentor, and resource. Her customer service skills and desire to treat others as she wants to be treated are foundational to building trust and maintaining partnerships. She is responsive and dependable. And finally, she is invested in creating a supportive workplace where her staff can be more effective at what they do and where all team members can reach their full potential. “I think of myself as a connector and innovator, opening doors that women business owners may not have access to or awareness of, and helping them to see the benefit in connecting with others they may not have thought of.”

Rhonda has an innate talent for seeing the potential in individuals and helping them recognize they are capable of achieving more than they thought possible. Her leadership style inspires and empowers by encouraging and – when it’s helpful, gently pushing – team members to take the next step, even if it’s out of their comfort zone.

Rhonda successfully develops the next generation of leaders because she is intentional about guiding and developing team members. She takes time to understand their goals and aspirations and puts thought into nurturing their growth. To that end, Rhonda values and emphasizes professional development to advance career aspirations. She also seeks out opportunities and tasks that will challenge team members, forcing them to think outside of the box and be innovative.

Rhonda’s guidance and advocacy encourage team members to believe in themselves. As a result, they have greater confidence in setting and reaching the next level of personal and professional goals. These wins snowball and help build the foundation and momentum for team members to grow into leadership roles, which work to benefit their future, the agency’s future, and the community.

One of the biggest recent achievements for the Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission was its ability to respond to the community's changing needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. This flexibility and preparedness of the organization have led to phenomenal growth for NKCAC. Early in the pandemic, the agency leadership mobilized to adapt their services, internal systems, and staffing. Their operations never stopped; offices never closed.

“At a time when people needed us the most, NKCAC was there. More than two years later, we continue to serve the community at a much higher capacity than ever before,” she elucidates. “We accomplished more than double the work with the same number of staff, capitalized on new grant opportunities to increase funding and develop new programs, and established the internal structure to support our work.” As a result, NKCAC has emerged stronger, better, and wiser, enabling them to support the families in the community more effectively.

“As for my future, I hope to continue serving the community through this organization and to be a part of the continued growth and awareness of the organization. I hope to be a part of making a real difference in the lives of many families in the area.” WL


Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission


Rhonda Chisenhall
Vice President for Community Development
Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission


Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission helps Northern Kentucky individuals and families develop the knowledge, opportunities and resources they need to achieve self reliance.

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