Sabine Arias, Founder and Creative Director of Sabine Arias Brand, Most Successful Women Leaders of 2021 Profile

Sabine Arias
Founder and Creative Director of Sabine Arias Brand

Sabine Arias, Founder and Creative Director of Sabine Arias Brand, Most Successful Women Leaders of 2021

“A Woman with the Perfect Mix of Brand and Fashion for Women”

Sabine is a goal-oriented person with boundless energy and determination to achieve her ambitions. She is extremely communicative, expressing her ideas clearly, making friends with everyone, being extremely well connected, and therefore managed to pitch her brand very well internationally. She is very Passionate and bubbly about life and her brand ( which is her baby). Sabine Arias was born and raised In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Coming from a family of historical businessmen and entrepreneurs from Brazil, she had a solid background in finance and in managing people, however, her greatest passion had always been fashion.

After graduation from Columbia, she persuaded a diploma at Parsons School of Design and then started working in product development at Salvatore Ferragamo in New York. At this point, using her great communication skills, she made many connections and started pitching her idea to many buyers around the globe. She made the decision to return to Brazil and start her own business, Sabine Arias Brand: which is a brand that brings the Brazilian lifestyle to international women around the globe. All of the production is based in Brazil (with local artisans and all of the pieces are handmade). Sabine like this helps support and help the local workers from the favelas, train them and give them a better opportunity in life. Now, Sabine lives in London where she has her own showroom. Besides London, our biggest showroom is in Milan, and in only 2 years, Sabine Arias sells in over 30 stores over the globe, including the four seasons hotel in Jumeirah, Dubai, the Maldives, and her ultimate destination: her Capri Store.

Sabine Arias brand was born because the founder while living in New York, found that there was a lot of demand in the market for Brazilian fashion: a lifestyle brand that sells versatile dresses to international women that are always on the go. The reason why the brand was such a huge success in so little time is that Sabine produces dresses in Brazil that have strong DNA, brand value and that represent a greater cause. The young designer not only is spreading her dream to the world but at the same time finding jobs for unemployed workers in the favelas in her atelier. She is providing jobs and a better quality of life for the people in her community while spreading her dream and her beliefs in fashion. Every piece of Sabine Arias represents her culture and style in detail.

Sabine Arias' main point of uniqueness is that it is made in Brazil and sold primarily in Europe. Because Sabine Arias uses her brand to sell international ladies a dream of a different lifestyle and culture. Not only that, but the real (Brazilian currency) is 7 times less than the euro, therefore the brand is able to make pieces that are handcrafted (by local artists) and of higher quality, and sell them in Europe for a considerably lower price than any European-based and produced brand. Upcycling throughout covid and international roots is one of Sabine Arias Brand's greatest achievements, although other companies took a long time.

Sabine Arias has managed to open stores in over 10 countries around the world, including more than 15 in Italy, selling for major retailers such as the Four Seasons hotel chain in Dubai and the Maldives, and the Rinascente and Coin Excelsior in Italy, in the last two years ( although it was during Covid and it was not easy). The objective now is to keep opening additional stores across the world and to expand even further in the American market. Sabine Arios will attend her first New York Fashion Week in February, with the business having its own exhibit at the Coterie Fair and Javis Center and showcasing her new season designs on the catwalks. Sabine's success as a trendsetting women leader is due to her spontaneous creative thinking on when, where, and how to market a brand, as well as her successful execution. IEWL


Sabine Arias Brand


Sabine Arias
Founder and Creative Director
Sabine Arias Brand


Sabine Arias is an authorial and contemporary luxury brand, that mixture romantic influence with modern hints.

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