Sheryl Vickers, VP of Project Partnerships at Complete Construction Service, Most Empowering Women Leaders of 2021 Profile

Sheryl Vickers
VP of Project Partnerships at Complete Construction Service

Sheryl Vickers, VP of Project Partnerships at Complete Construction Service, Most Empowering Women Leaders of 2021


At Complete Construction Service, a commercial construction company in the Kansas City market, Sheryl Vickers connects people in the CRE industry (developers, brokers, architects, and company owners) with the Complete Construction Service team who can partner with them on several levels to turn their vision and plans into reality. Sheryl stays connected and communicating with trusted clients and partners so that the company can navigate the construction process together and craft the end experience to realize their goals. Keeping a pulse on what's going on in the city and who's doing what, she loves to delve into the needs of clients, whether it's the type of talent they need to attract as they scale up or past pain points. She solves those problems using her vast network and creative ideas.

As the owner of Select Sites, Sheryl takes care of clients who are in the site selection stage, looking for property to buy or lease. She focuses on retail and restaurant clients and excels in this niche. She knows the importance of understanding and knowing the market thoroughly, as well as each trade area, district, and neighborhood pockets. It is even more essential to grasp the dynamics of each shopping center or building and understand the ownership and their specific needs.

Sheryl and her close friend Audrey Navarro founded WIRED; Women In Real Estate Development, a mentoring and support collective for women in commercial real estate careers who develop, invest in, or broker commercial real estate transactions, or women who are trying to move into a CRE career. This is a deliberate attempt to bring women into this wealthy and exclusive sector. WIRED recruits, empowers, and coaches women to own their own projects, and think about transactions from an investor’s perspective. Sheryl’s personal goal is that half of the CRE industry, including investors and developers, and C-suite real estate professionals are women and minorities by 2030.

"We are inspired by creating gathering places in communities that provide families with cultural value through entertainment, well-being, and economic growth.”

Complete Construction Service will construct any commercial project in the Midwest that is within its scope and scale (up to $6 million) and will partner with a customer to bring the concept to life. Complete Construction Service exists to provide an end experience for the client that not only influences their success, but also impacts every consumer, shopper, client, or visitor to the space once it opens. For almost ten years, Complete Construction Service has lasted over ten years in a dynamic industry and is intentionally growing and evolving monthly. Complete Construction Service now boasts the best crew since inception, and is ready to talk about your Midwestern projects!

“I got licensed as a Commercial Broker in 1996 and began the difficult journey of learning and taking my seat at the table in a legacy industry (mostly run by families who pass down their properties). Without any legacy of my own. I’m proud to be a self-made, and tenacious entrepreneur with a strong ambition to get the job done with integrity and efficiency. But those first 5 years were brutal, and I hope to make it easier for women coming into the business by sharing trade secrets. By 2005 I started my own firm and meet my sales goals, or experiencing some success. By 2012 I finally began buying my own CRE properties and finding my way as an owner, asset manager, developer, and investor. I didn’t realize at the time that I was building this great network and learning all facets of a transaction, until the pandemic when I found myself in a position (as a restaurant and retail tenant rep) of not likely earning any commissions that year (2020). This is when my journey with Complete Construction Service came into play. Now I can bring the next phase of the process into the picture, with commercial construction. Almost every transaction in commercial real estate triggers Landlords' construction requirements or Tenants' construction needs to improve their space or ground-up construction. So, now I can handle the process from beginning to end.”

Her intention to make a change in the evolving industry has made her a standout women leader.IEWL


Complete Construction Service


Sheryl Vickers
VP of Project Partnerships at Complete Construction Service


Complete Construction Service is a regional commercial construction company based in the Kansas City area that provides: -General Contracting -Pre-Construction consulting -Design-Build Services -Construction Management -Multi-Location Rollouts

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