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Silvia Stefanelli
Founder & Co-owner of Studio Legale Stefanelli & Stefanelli

Paula Provoznik, Director of Palo Alto Hills Golf & Country Club, 10 Most Influential Women Leaders of 2022

"Digitalizing the Future of Law"

Studio Legale Stefanelli & Stefanelli was founded about 25 years ago in Bologna following a very specific choice: to deal with all the legal aspects of the healthcare and life science sector. Therefore, they have always invested in their image by creating from the beginning a website where they could talk about their specialization. “While today it is common for a law firm to have a website, at that time in Italy it was a very innovative choice. Then over the years we have enhanced the digitization of our law firm, both as for the internal organization and as a way to communicate with clients and prospects. Today we run many web pages specialized in the areas of our expertise, online columns, and daily posts on social media,” says Silvia Stefanelli, Founder & Co-owner of Studio Legale Stefanelli & Stefanelli.

"Digital Professional Award 2022" -

My Law Firm has just won the 2022 Digital Professional Award of the Politecnico di Milano - Digital innovation Observatory in the Customer Relationship Effectiveness category.

This Award is dedicated to Legal Firm that have stood out for their innovative and business skills through the use of digital technologies:

we have won with our Check-list Self-assessment Platform designed to verify and monitor compliance with the GDPR.

In Studio Legale Stefanelli & Stefanelli, most lawyers and employees are women, primarily because their work is firmly based on collaboration. Women usually have a greater attitude toward sharing knowledge and cooperating with each other. Today, they are organized in departments that work in specific areas and each department has a team leader responsible for the organization of the whole team. This system helps develop leadership skills that are hardly learned at the university in Italy. “Our professionals believe that everything they do from providing brilliant legal services, all the way to managing a crisis, should add value to the company in one way or another. In fact, legal compliance allows companies to avoid sanctions, but also to improve the corporate image and to distinguish themselves from competitors gaining a competitive advantage. This is why traditional judicial assistance is complemented by the ability to collaborate in all areas of legal risk management, to enable and support business development,” says Silvia.

According to the steadfast leader, the complexity of law today requires more teamwork than ever. Therefore, being a leader means learning how to value the people in the team and understanding how everyone can best contribute to the achievement of the team goals. Thus, Silvia believes that being a leader means having competencies and skills and, above all, the ability to manage and empower people in the workplace. She firmly believes that women have an extraordinary ability to coordinate and balance different aspects of life. “I am myself also a wife and a mother, and when my son was an infant, it was extremely difficult to find the right balance between all the different aspects of my life. Through time I learnt how to and began to use this soft skill in the workplace as well,” elucidates Silvia.

The growth of her coworkers' skills is one of the most significant achievements for Silvia as a leader and the law firm as a whole. Thanks to the use of technology, Studio Legale Stefanelli & Stefanelli has created updating groups on every area they work on: so everyone is updated in real-time on legal news and is obliged to update others as well on the news in their own area. This creates cohesion and expertise. Studio Legale Stefanelli & Stefanelli is working with other professionals to broaden the range of their services. To this end, the company Best In Health was recently founded, of which Silvia is the president, whose goal is to offer multi-professional services in the health care sector. Best in Health was created to give quick and comprehensive solutions: a company of professionals with concrete vertical and diverse expertise, who can support investors and health and social operators in their daily challenges, both conceptive and functional.

In the future, Silvia and her team will have to deal with all the different challenges of new technologies: artificial intelligence, blockchain, the metaverse, and so on. “These are tools that may change the way we work, both internally and with our clients. I would only like to emphasize that the future will belong to those who will be able to grasp the challenges of the digitization,” says Silvia. WL


Studio Legale Stefanelli & Stefanelli


Silvia Stefanelli
Founder & Co-owner
Studio Legale Stefanelli & Stefanelli


Provision of professional services in the areas most subject to regulatory impact in favor of structures for the production of goods and services, private and public Collaborate in all areas of risk management supporting the development of our customers' business in compliance with national and European standards and directives

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