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Tammy Wilson, CEO of Oak Grove Center Profile

Tammy Wilson
CEO of Oak Grove Center

Tammy Wilson, CEO of Oak Grove Center, certificate

“Empowering Success and Transforming Lives”

Although Tammy Wilson has been at Oak Grove for 30 years, she has been the CEO for the past 15 years. The qualities that have helped inspire her Management Team, staff, and children are a strong work ethic, commitment, a firm belief that youth do not have to be defined by the failures and trauma of the past but rather by growth and hope for the future. She has a strong belief in resilience and that youth are much stronger and braver than we often think.

When Tammy became the CEO, she began fundraising for enrichment programs such as Sports/Recreation, followed by an Arts Program. Tammy has led major initiatives within the last eight years, including opening a new gym and several multipurpose rooms, including an occupational-play therapy room and art-music room, relocating and rehabilitating Oak Grove at the Ranch to a new home in Perris. She and the Oak Grove team have increased Wraparound and Autism Services and added THRIVE, an Independent Living Program for foster youth throughout Riverside County at seven different locations, although now remotely. Tammy recently opened Culinary Creations, a full-service bakery located in Old Town Temecula, which is the culmination of the vocational culinary program.

Tammy often tells the youth and young women she works with: they are “tougher, braver and smarter” than they think. Invest in relationships, select a strong mentor and then listen to what she has to say…She has also advised young staff to “not take it too personally when youth that they work with struggle OR to take too much credit when things are going well.” Early on, her role model was her Mentor at Southwood Residential Treatment Center, who was dynamic, engaging, and committed. She connected with very difficult and challenging youth and always portrayed how much she cared, which made a difference. Presently, Christine Close with Murrieta Development, a female CEO in a male-dominated industry, inspires tammy. Armed with ideologies adopted from her role models, Tammy has been leading Oak Grove towards great heights.

Tammy and her team have been responsible for rebuilding the lives of at-risk children and their families through educating, healing, restoring relationships, building character, and instilling hope. This has been accomplished through a great therapy program, nonpublic school on campus, enrichment programs, and highly dedicated staff and build therapeutic relationships with youth that also include having fun. “Our goal is to Empower Success and Transform Lives. Youth benefit from learning they do not need to be defined by their problems and past trauma but rather can choose new identities of success, creativity and hope,” she says. “We try and involve youth in activities they can immerse themselves in such as Arts including Dance, Drama, Performing Arts, Drumestra, Video Arts, Graphic and Fine Arts as well as Music and Songwriting. These activities provide healing opportunities as well as self-expression and pain reduction. A strong Family Therapy focus has enabled families to reconnect and learn how to not only get along better but to enjoy each other, not to mention increasing respect.”

It is pertinent to mention and Tammy was honored by Kelly Serato 6th Assembly District and the Board of Supervisors at Oak Grove’s annual gala this year for her 30 years of service at Oak Grove, which was a surprise. She has also been honored as the Woman of the Year in 2018 for Jeff Stone’s district, partly recognizing her work with Oak Grove. Tammy considers it a high honor to work with a team of professionals committed to helping provide healing opportunities and experiences for at-risk and special needs youth.

One of the biggest achievements for Oak Grove is continued growth and expansion while maintaining a highly individualized approach. Although they initially were a nonpublic school and Residential Treatment Center, Oak Grove added Wraparound, an Autism Program, Arts and Music Program, Sports, and an Independent Living Skills Program THRIVE for foster youth throughout Riverside County. As a nonprofit, Oak Grove raises funds to provide enrichment programs, including Sports, Arts & Music, therapy needs, and campus improvements. Tammy is excited about the event which is the 14th Annual Chef Open as well as the 19th Annual Golf Tournament. These dual events raise funds for the Sports-Recreation as well as culinary vocational training. Local and Regional chefs will compete for the coveted Pinnacle Award, determined by esteemed judges, as well as People’s Choice Award which is determined by guest votes. For tickets and or information: Golf: http://weblink.donorperfect.com/2021OGCGolf ; Chef Open: http://weblink.donorperfect.com/2021ChefOpen . For more information or to find out more about Oak Grove programs or events contact info@oakgrovecenter.org or 951-677-5599. IEWL


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Tammy Wilson
CEO of Oak Grove Center


Oak Grove Center is a nonprofit serving at-risk and special needs youth through residential care, education, and treatment. Oak Grove’s mission is to rebuild the lives of at-risk children and their families through education, healing, restoring relationships, building character and instilling hope. We believe the work we do today builds a better tomorrow.

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