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“Hearing the Unheard, Creating Amazing Startups”

Tania Amar founded CXP Consulting after more than two decades of executive experience in the Corporate and Venture Capital worlds as Vice President of Marketing and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). After such a long time working with multi-billion high-tech organizations, she felt a strong drive to serve start-up founders in their entrepreneurial journey, “as I believe I can have a significant contribution to their ability to succeed and make a major impact in their markets.” Especially during her VC experience she saw too many talented entrepreneurs and amazing startup ideas missing funding opportunities because they didn’t know how to tell their “stories” in a focused and compelling way. “Not everyone with a bright idea knows how to communicate it, so I set out to help them do it. There’s nothing worse than thinking about amazing ideas — ideas that could change the world, being left out in the cold because they weren’t communicated well enough,” adds Tania. The focus of CXP is to build a creative and impactful storytelling for tech companies, from the perspective of the outstanding customer experience that they generate.

"The focus of CXP is to build a creative and impactful storytelling for tech companies, from the perspective of the outstanding Customer Experience that they generate."

The company’s name was inspired by Steve Jobs’ powerful insight. He said: “You have to start with the customer experience and then work backwards to the technology.”

Being based in Tel-Aviv, at the heart of the “Startup Nation”, CXP consulting helps startup founders to clearly and consistently shape their grand vision, which is essential to move from a concept to building and scaling a company (hiring talents, bringing partners, raising funds, signing up big clients, etc.). They help founders tell a bigger story. It requires a professional and highly-experienced external view to do that. “Our methodology combines in depth research into the companies’ markets, customers, partners, international business environments, deep understanding of the technology, and also creative storytelling methods and copywriting (a real art) to find the most accurate words, images and metaphors that will embody the message and make it inspiring and stand out.” explains Tania.

The methodology is extremely structured, based on research and active interaction with the internal teams and also interviews of the client’scustomers and partners.”The process also includes tailor-made workshops to foster an exciting and interactive atmosphere between the team members. It often allows to listen to each other and to create some internal alignment around what should be thecustomer-oriented “One Message” specifically adapted to the key buyer personas,” explains Tania..

In an instance, one CXP’s client Setoo—an Insurtech startup that emerged from the European-based Kamet, a Venture Capital firm—offering parametric insurance products to e-commerce players such as retailers or OTAs asked CXP to assist them in overcoming their challenges. Tania had the opportunity to first create the foundations of their strategic marketing tools: branding (including creating their name! Setoo is inspired by the French word C’est tout! to evoke simplicity), digital presence, sales presentations and the seed-round investor kit. After they raised their first round of 12 M$, CXP is regularly called in for special projects. “Until very recently, I have been involved with Setoo. I love working with the leadership team, happy to have gained their trust, and to come back every time they need me in key milestones of the company’s lifecycle,” adds Tania.

For the days to come, Tania through CXP is looking towards regional expansion outside Israel in other startup hubs in the world, including the UAE (United Arab Emirates) following the Abraham accords signed in October 2020 between Israel and the UEA opening a plethora of opportunities in the domain of innovation. She is also working towards the creation of a new venture called TrekFounders together with her partner, Yossi Dan, a serial entrepreneur and innovation “activist”. TrekFounders is an online platform that features the best of the Israeli innovation ecosystem (mentors, content per themes, investors, consultants, inspiring entrepreneurs) to support entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey (the Trek), from very early seed-stage to scale-ups. TrekFounders also helps global corporations with the creation and animation of packaged open- innovation and intrapreneurship bootcamp programs. Last November, TrekFounders hosted a 4-day online bootcamp for the Italian-based startup Lab of Unicredit, supporting 20 SheTech startups in their go-global and fund-raising strategies. CXP Consulting leaders were invited to mentor and guide these successful women entrepreneurs in creating a better, fairer, safer and more sustainable world for future generations.

Tania Amar is also actively promoting diversity at work through her activities as a Board Member of the NGO, Gvahim. “We are creating a win-win situation “ she says “for the Israeli economy to gain huge value from the constant flow of a highly-skilled immigration and for businesses to integrate these unique international talents into their ranks.” IE


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