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Tina Powell
CEO of C-Suite Social Media

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“Offering Integrated Marketing Planning”

In February 2013, Tina Powell spoke at a National Conference and predicted the rapid adoption of social media in financial services and urged financial advisors to pay attention. Facebook wasn’t a fad, but rather it was the future. Early on, advisors struggled with social media, and rightly so. Compliance wasn’t buying into the idea; most importantly, neither was the CEO. Yet whenever Tina gave a talk or spoke to a CEO one-on-one about how social media could be used for growth and client retention, lightbulbs went off like fireworks on the 4th of July. Those same sparks led her to leave a nine-year legacy at Beacon Wealth Management (acquired by Mercer Advisors) to form C-Suite Social Media in May of 2017.

"C-Suite empowers its clients with their most popular service called the 30-60-90 Sprint, a tailored integrated marketing plan for businesses looking to get marketing results as quickly as possible."

Tina, CEO of C-Suite Social Media, possesses several qualities that have helped transform her agency and clientele. The first is Tina’s ability to adapt to new forms of media that show promise and traction. She also believes in experimentation with new digital tools. As a marketing agency leader in financial services, she realizes the importance of using all media formats to create connections that build a brand and form a bond. As Tina says, “Every touchpoint matters.” The second is the mindset. Tina is relentless and passionate in her pursuit to grow a successful company that creates employment opportunities for women and fosters their professional development through coaching, mentoring, and training her team.

C-Suite empowers its clients with their most popular service called the 30-60-90 Sprint, a tailored integrated marketing plan for businesses looking to get marketing results as quickly as possible. C-Suite serves as a trusted partner throughout those 90 days, leading businesses through auditing, goal setting, marketing rollout and execution, and analytics and measurement.

The plan is broken down into three phases:

· Goals and Groundwork: In the first 30 days, identifying where the business is, including working and what requires improvement.

· Customize and Build: The next 30 days are dedicated to customizing the marketing plan based on the client’s goals.

· Measure and Handoff: In the final 30 days, marketing activities are beginning to show results. While C-Suite understands that it takes more than 90 days to build a lifetime customer, they start to measure how far the client has come. They evaluate KPIs, progress, and milestones with a 30-60-90 Day Performance Report and share with clients.

“We believe in the great work our clients do and we work tirelessly to help them tell their story on social media and digital channels,” says Tina. “We know we’ve done our job when clients grow, build equity and increase relevance among their target audience. That is, when we help them create and communicate their value.”

For instance, a hybrid-RIA with a national footprint lacked marketing know-how and team support to orchestrate an integrated marketing plan that leveraged social media for brand awareness and advisor growth/engagement. They had digital properties in place – website, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube – but no strategy and no process. They asked C-Suite to help them design a 30-60-90 Day marketing sprint to build brand awareness and create a regular cadence on social media by utilizing a repeatable process and a framework for success. As a result, the client witnessed growth in AUM and the number of advisors joining and enhanced social media engagements.

C-Suite Social Media is growing in size each year, and the company doubled its business in 2020, amid Coronavirus. New team members are planned for the first quarter of January 2021 to help cater to an expanding clientele's digital marketing and social media needs. In terms of services, C-Suite’s 30-60-90 Day Sprint is their most popular product, while the full-service Social Media Marketing is the 2nd most requested service. “In 2020, we added Podcast Production to C-Suite’s list of marketing services as we believe it is a must-have digital property for both B2B and B2C businesses that want to remain relevant and meet the baseline requirements of a rapidly evolving, digital landscape where VOICE takes center stage,” says Tina.IE


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Tina Powell
CEO of C-Suite Social Media


C-Suite Social Media is a social media and digital marketing consultancy for the financial services industry. We help financial advisory firms build strong brands and achieve their most important business objectives using social media and digital marketing strategies. Our work helps leaders in the financial services industry to differentiate, raise their visibility, and attract attention from the people who matter most.

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