Wendy Preyssler Founder of Coaching by Wendy, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Wendy Preyssler
Founder of Coaching by Wendy

Wendy Preyssler Founder of Coaching by Wendy Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021


Wendy Preyssler is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Master Certified Coach, an Advisory Board member, and former Leader of Accomplishment Coaching (ICF Accredited Coach Training Program), and an active member of the community as a coach and volunteer, serving in leadership roles. Wendy serves on the board of the International Association of Women, Las Vegas Chapter; served as Chair of United Way of Southern Nevada's Signature Event Committee and is Past President of the ICF Nevada.

She fosters community connections by sponsoring events such as the MGM Women's Leadership Conference. For 2 consecutive years, she flew in 15-20 ICF coaches from North America and Europe to deliver complimentary coaching sessions to 200-300 women delegates. Wendy organizes monthly events for Southern Nevada coaches and maintains relationships with licensed therapists to ensure clients have access to the most appropriate resources. Wendy also contributes to the success of local companies, such as restaurants, through her social media posts, spending decisions, and gift cards to clients and associates.

“C-Suite Executives & business owners seek Wendy out for leadership and professional development for themselves, their leadership teams and organizations. Leveraging the most insightful assessment tools on the market, as well as her 25+ years’ experience coaching, Wendy supports you in creating lasting change and success.”

Although Wendy was used to achieving and exceeding her goals, the stellar results she produced with the support of a coach while taking part in a year-long leadership development program inspired her to make that difference for others. “Initially, I coached part-time since I loved my job; it was exceedingly challenging, and it involved international travel. My granny was in her mid-90s and living with me and was challenged by my travel schedule. I decided to leave my corporate job to care for her. After she passed away, I wanted to do something where I was making a difference daily, as I had for Granny. Coaching was it. Although I loved being a Global Director in a Fortune 100 company with responsibility for $500M annual revenues, coaching allows me to make a difference in my clients' lives daily.”

Wendy specializes in executive and leadership coaching for C-level executives, business owners, and high-potential business professionals. She has a particular affinity for partnering with high potential women and women executives. Wendy offers coaching, workshops and assessments for individuals, teams, and organizations.

As an ICF Master Certified Coach, Wendy Preyssler is in the top 3.9% of credentialed coaches, worldwide. Wendy has also received numerous awards and certifications:

• Best Business Leadership Coach (USA) 2021 North America Business Elite

• Organizational Leadership Development Expert of the Year (USA) 2021

• Best Executive & Leadership Coach (Las Vegas) 2020, 2019, 2018

• Best Life Coach (Las Vegas) 2016, 2015, 2014

• Leadership Circle Certified

• Accomplishment Coaching Certified

Wendy Preyssler says, “My intention is to support clients in achieving audacious goals with power, velocity, and ease. Clients rely on me to see what others won’t see and say what others would not dare say. Coaching is about showing up as your best self, realizing when you're not, and being able to get back to your best self in a hot minute. It's about being unstoppable so that almost nothing can take you out, and if/when something does, it's only for an instant. It's also about self-compassion, acknowledging and appreciating who you are, as opposed to just acknowledging yourself for your accomplishments.”

Wendy envisions a world where people and relationships thrive, and authenticity becomes the norm. Wendy's goal is to help leaders be their best selves so that their lives, businesses and communities flourish. IEWL

Contact Details: phone: +1.702.907.4282 website - www.CoachingByWendy.com email - Wendy@CoachingByWendy.com


Coaching by Wendy


Wendy Preyssler
Founder of Coaching by Wendy


Wendy is passionate about making a difference with people. She has coached business professionals since 1992. Wendy has been Certified by Accomplishment Coaching and is credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is Past President of the ICF Nevada.

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