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Elsie Qian


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Apex Logistics International Inc., was founded 2001 in Shanghai, China. The start focused on filling a void in needed airfreight capacity, from China to the USA, which was attractive to other freight forwarders who wanted to service its customers through a trusted co-load arrangement. This allowed Apex to expand across of China and connect to the USA, which then opened its American Headquarter in Los Angeles 2003. Over 15 year period, from 2003 to 2018, Apex launched its Ocean, Customs Brokerage, Domestic Trucking, Warehouse Distribution and Trade Services. In addition, Apex invested in Perishable Foods and e-Commerce business. Its charter division increased its operations to well over 500 flights per year. “We pride ourselves on attracting the best & brightest logistics talent in a global market in every facet of our technologically innovative client solutions.” says Elsie Qian, CEO Americas at Apex.

" Apex gained a leading position within the international transportation management of perishable commodities from the U.S. to Asia. "

Unlike many freight forwarders who simply rely on commercial flights as their air freight solution, Apex specializes in value creation by inserting specific and regularly scheduled charters so that its clients can have a stable year round solution. Apex operates over 500 air charters annually, including multiple weekly round trip flights between Wuhan and Chicago, Hong Kong and Chicago and just inaugurated weekly flights between Wuhan and Columbus OH (LCK). The Wuhan-Columbus charter is the first and only direct China to Columbus scheduled service that will increase speed and efficiency for its Asia customers. Apex is a market leader for transportation & Customs clearance of low value e-commerce packages. “We have perfected Customs clearance of low value e-commerce packages providing an end to end solution for e-commerce merchants and e-retailers.” adds Elsie.

The other unique offering from Apex is its specialty in Perishable Shipping. Apex gained a leading position within the international transportation management of perishable commodities from the U.S. to Asia. It is one of only few freight forwarders who has cold chain facilities in all US West Coast, including Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The 24x7 operations manage the export of approximately 25,000 air freight metric tons and 500 ocean TEUs per year. All its temperature controlled facilities are TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF) with a high-quality x-ray machine.

An example of Apex’s value creation occurred when a client, in the consumer electronics industry, introduced a new product during high peak season shipping. During October - November, traditional retail peak, the shipper found it hard to transport big volume in a short period out of Hong Kong, its regular export hub. Apex was able to ground transfer all cargo to its major gateway in Wuhan and utilized its dedicated charter solutions to successfully export most cargo to the final destination on time. As a young accelerating company, its system is built using cloud technology, allowing Apex to be nimble in aligning with each clients’ technology. Apex Group is heavily focused on how proposed trade regulations are developed & implemented by government agencies via their participation and membership in the CBP Trade Support Network (TSN), various Customs Operations Advisory Committee (COAC) sub committees and international trade organizations.

As E-commerce has exploded for a revolutionary new way of customer fulfillment, Apex is perfectly positioned to maximize the transportation services and this new form of Customs clearance for low value merchandise direct to e-consumers. Next for the company is a focus on expanding in emerging markets and enhancing their trade lines. “When you service the top 25 largest companies in the world, you have confidence in your service and vision. We can’t wait for the next 10 years. Stay tuned.” says Elsie.


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Apex group is a growing Global Supply Chain Solutions Provider with a diverse cultural background.

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